The Mistake The past isn t dead It isn t even pastJodie Garrow is a teenager from the wrong side of the tracks when she falls pregnant Scared alone and desperate to make something of her life she makes the deci

  • Title: The Mistake
  • Author: Wendy James
  • ISBN: 9781921901041
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • The past isn t dead It isn t even pastJodie Garrow is a teenager from the wrong side of the tracks when she falls pregnant Scared, alone and desperate to make something of her life, she makes the decision to adopt out her baby and tells nobody.Twenty five years on, Jodie has built a whole new life and a whole new family But when a chance meeting brings the illegal aThe past isn t dead It isn t even pastJodie Garrow is a teenager from the wrong side of the tracks when she falls pregnant Scared, alone and desperate to make something of her life, she makes the decision to adopt out her baby and tells nobody.Twenty five years on, Jodie has built a whole new life and a whole new family But when a chance meeting brings the illegal adoption to the notice of the authorities, Jodie becomes embroiled in a nationwide police investigation for the missing child, and the centre of a media witch hunt.Did something sinister happen to Jodie s baby the night it was born The fallout from Jodie s past puts her whole family under the microscope, and her husband and daughter must re examine everything they believed to be true.An utterly engrossing exploration of what happens to an Australian family, seemingly just like any other, when a long buried secret surfaces and a mother s dirty laundry is aired in front of the entire nation The Mistake brilliantly explores the media s powerful role in shaping public perceptions and asks the haunting question can we ever truly know another person

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    1. Wendy James says:

      Wendy James is the author of seven books, including The Mistake 2012 and Out of the Silence, which won the 2006 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Crime fiction and was shortlisted for the Nita May Dobbie Award for women s writing Her latest novel is The Golden Child 2017 She currently lives in Newcastle, New South Wales with her husband and two of their four children.

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    1. The first thing I was struck by when I read this book was the striking similarity to the Kelli Lane case (involving a water polo player who was charged with the murder of her baby when she couldn’t prove it had been “unofficially” adopted out). I’m not sure if this novel is loosely based on that or whether it’s just an eerie coincidence – in any case, whatever the inspiration for the plot, this book is an absolutely compelling read.One of the first things I really liked about this st [...]

    2. Aussie author Wendy James has a brilliant book in The Mistake. The incredible role of the media in putting the ‘facts’ out there, and therefore shaping everyones opinions, be they true or false, complete or partial, makes for very provocative reading.Jodie Garrow has a wonderful life, she is happy and extremely contented with her husband Angus, who is about to run for Mayor, and two gorgeous children, Hannah and Thomas (Tom). But all that changes when Hannah goes away on a school excursion t [...]

    3. The carefully constructed and comfortable life of Jodie Garrow, a forty- something housewife and mother, unravels after a chance encounter reveals her closely guarded secret putting her at the center of a police investigation and under intense public scrutiny. At barely 19, Jodie gave birth to a baby girl in a small suburban hospital and The Mistake focuses on determining the fate of the infant, as well as exploring the effects of the subsequent accusations and suspicions on Jodie and her family [...]

    4. The Mistakeis centered around a well to do family, the Garrows, in particular Jodi Garrow and her secret. For twenty-four years Jodi has kept the secret of her first baby - Elsa Mary Evans - a secret. At the time, no one knew she was pregnant (not her family, or her fiance), so it only seemed natural for nineteen year old Jodi to keep the pregnancy and the adoption of the baby a secret too. That is until a chance encounter turns Jodi's, and the Garrow's carefully crafted and scripted world upsid [...]

    5. Had really high hopes for this book and I found it terribly disappointing. The characters felt very cliche in some aspects and weren't particularly engaging. Parts of the story I found patently unbelievable (the idea that any publication would run a photo of someone above the words "Portrait of a Murderess" before there had been a coroner's inquest let alone a criminal charge is ridiculous).The ending was also disappointing and I felt like there were some plot diversions that didn't add anything [...]

    6. Jodie lives a very comfortable life. Married to her childhood sweetheart Angus with two children, she is a well-preserved woman in her 40s with a lovely home, new car and a very good social standing. She helps out with local events and has an active social life and Angus, a lawyer, is thinking of running for mayor. Jodie’s carefully-cultivated life is about to come crashing down all around her when her teenage daughter Hannah breaks a leg on a school trip to Sydney and is inadvertently sent to [...]

    7. Did the dingo do it? That has been the eternal question that has existed in the nation’s consciousness for the latter decades of my existence, ever since baby Azaria disappeared at the Rock back in 1980. Initially the nation was divided as to Lindy’s innocence or guilt, as her ‘story’ seemed plausible enough. Hubby Michael was as stoic as men are meant to be, but it was his wife’s hard po-facedness that swung the pendulum against her. Where were the tears? Surely she must break at some [...]

    8. The Mistake follows the life of Jodie Garrow, a woman who is living the life of her dreams. It's a life she has carefully constructed, built up from her childhood dreams. Her husband, Angus, is an old-moneyed, good looking lawyer with political aspirations. Her children Hannah and Tom are thriving in expensive, high performing schools. Jodie lives in a good neighbourhood, in a nice home, with good supportive friends and does regular charity work. She has all she ever wanted. But Jodie has a secr [...]

    9. The Mistake is a knockout read by award-winning Australian author Wendy James, with a plot that will haunt you long after the final pages.The story centres on Jodie Garrow, who rises above a wretched childhood, marries wealthy lawyer Angus -- albeit against his mother's wishes -- bears him two children, forgives her husband's infidelities, and leads a 'happy enough' life in the affluent country town of Arding NSW.Even as a child Jodie aspired only to be 'one of those normal grown-upswith pink li [...]

    10. I still remember the profound sense of disquiet that WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? left me with, and Wendy James has done it again with THE MISTAKE.There's something about Jodie Garrow that I suspect is going to trigger differing responses in readers. Personally I couldn't get past a very obvious sense of Stepford Wife syndrome. She's a socialite, immaculately made-up, coiffured, dressed to the part of the wealthy wife of a high profile husband. There's the perfect family - a boy, a girl, a modern house. [...]

    11. Jodie Garrow is the wife of a successful lawyer Angus and she looks and plays the part; she is immaculate and in control of life, which includes her sixteen year old daughter Hannah and her younger son Tom. The couples are well-regarded in the Australian town of Arding, so much so that she has appeared on his arm in pictures in the local paper, supporting some charity or attending some event. But Jodie has a secret, one that is twenty-four years old, and as we all know a secret kept that long, i [...]

    12. The Mistake is told in alternating POV with flashbacks to Jodie's childhood and her courtship with Angus and her relationship with her teenage daughter, Hannah. After Hannah is injured in a car accident, Jodie finds herself back at the hospital where she gave birth 25 years earlier, completely unknown to her family, friends and Angus. When a well-meaning midwife discovers that Jodie adopted out her first child, she takes it upon herself to try and reunite mother and daughter with disastrous cons [...]

    13. Brilliant, haunting and disturbing, with a twist that will leave you gasping, this is both a subtle and closely-observed portrayal of a family under stress, and a gripping thriller that leaves you guessing to the very end.

    14. I was ready to give this book four stars until the last page, after which I wanted to throw it at the wall. Not a satisfying ending at all: quick, non-cohesive and left me with a million questions.

    15. This book was really hard for me to get into, I think mainly because it's written in third-person present tense, but fluctuates with third-person past tense - it's written across two time periods. But once I got a feel for the book, it flowed really well. I still don't like third-person present tense, but the excellent writing made up for that.I also hated the ending, I didn't think there was a proper resolution. But aside from that, once I got into the book, I couldn't put it down. I *had* to k [...]

    16. A friend recommended Wendy James as an Australian author comparable to Liane Moriarty, this is the first of her novels I've read. Jodie Garrow is a wealthy middle class mother in an Australian small town, where everyone knows everyone else's business and the rumour mill runs wild. When a mistake from her past becomes public knowledge, her life as she knew it, is over. A nice easy read, and gripping until the last page, I will definitely be reading more of Wendy James in future.

    17. This book was a bit slow moving, overdone in some areas and threads left untied in others. I kept reading just to see if there was something more to it, the characters seemed to be over reacting in the circumstances. Unfortunately there was little more to be said and the story just seemed drawn out for the heck of it. Great character development but the story just seemed to go nowhere.

    18. A great summer read multiple story-lines and interesting characters held my attention and kept me turning the next page, a great story with a twist!

    19. I enjoyed this read because we all have secrets that are personal and we don't always need to share them, however the ending of this book disappointed me.

    20. I can't review this book fully, as I didn't even get half-way through it. The Mistake has been on my TBR shelf for years so I thought that I would give it a go when I found it at the library. The synopsis sounds interesting enough so I thought it might have been a good read, and it may have been if the story moved a little faster.I just couldn't get into the story, or the lives of the characters. Jodie herself is a little odd. Angus, her husband is some big-shot lawyer that is suffering from fr [...]

    21. There were aspects of this book I really liked and aspects that I just didn't. A book club read and to be fair I read it in a hurry wanting to finish in time to be part of the general discussion. There was lots of discussion and the level of chitter chatter about this book was certainly better than we have had for other books so big ups to Wendy James. I however will not be in a hurry to read more as for me it felt a little Jodi Piccoult and not as original if the author wasn't trying to be some [...]

    22. Three and a half stars. Don't know that really liked it is quite the right term. I did I find it an interesting and gripping read as Jodie finds her past has come back 24 years later to haunt her. And to affect her family.It all starts when her daughter Hannah is in an accidemt and the nurse at the hospital she is taken to remembers a baby who had webbing between her toes just like Hannah. Jodie explains that as a young unmarried mother she had that child adopted out but further investigations b [...]

    23. This is very much a "book club" type of book, exploring some kind of "issue" in a novel. By chance the main character, Jodie Garrow, visits a hospital in Sydney where as a 19-year-old she had a baby she didn't want, without telling her family or friends, and gave it up for adoption. Now she's forced to go back and revisit those dark days, and tell her family about this mistake. For reasons you'll have to read about, it all ends up in the news, and Jodie and her family are shunned by most in thei [...]

    24. Jodie had an upbringing that she wasn't proud of, that's why she ran away as far as she could. Years after she thinks her tracks are covered, a farfetched (but believable) accident happens which takes her to somewhere she never wanted to revisit. Her fears are justified when chance intervenes and she sees the one person who unravels it all. She only met Debbie once, and it was over 20 years ago, so how does one chance meeting see Jodie at risk of going to jail??This book was very good. It had su [...]

    25. I have found a new 'must-read' author for my list. The Mistake shows us what could go wrong in an ordinary family, how the actions of the past can have such repercussions in our current life. It's set among a normal family, with normal family problems - whose world is rocked by a chance event. The writing is terrific, keeping me reading far later at night than I intended to :) The ending had a twist that left me shocked and heartbroken for the main character.Luckily I have another Wendy James on [...]

    26. The old saying is “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well I do. All the time. First impressions count (although it doesn’t always mean they are correct). The Mistake by Wendy James does not have a cover that attracts me – it’s a bit too soft, a bit too ‘middle-aged-mum-trash’ and the big, gold ‘Women’s Weekly Great Read’ sticker on the front confirms my suspicions. So, why did I hand over $24.99 for The Mistake?Read my full review here - booksaremyfavouriteandbest.wor

    27. I read Wendy's first book a couple of years ago and enjoyed it, then had the pleasure of meeting her at SheKilda last October in Melbourne. So of course when I found The Mistake on the shelves I just had to buy and read it. I enjoyed the way she has the news reports scattered through the story and that the story was put forward by not only Jodie (the main character) but also her husband and teenage daughter Hannah. A very touchy subject very well written. I'd suggest you get a copy and read for [...]

    28. It was ok. Found it hard to connect with the characters, especially jodie. Perhaps it because I had no sympathy for her and her choices. She wasn't a stupid person so seriously how could she not sort out an adoption throu the right channels. she was old enough to know better. the ending was really odd and disappointing. There wasn't enough detail given of what actually happened to the baby and afterwards. All in all, an ok read if you can get it cheap (as I did)

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