Thrilling Heaven Boss s story Every man is as heaven made him and sometimes a great deal worse Boss drummer for the highly accredit rock group Room understands this statement Only too well He has been in love w

  • Title: Thrilling Heaven
  • Author: D.H. Sidebottom
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Boss s story Every man is as heaven made him, and sometimes a great deal worse Boss, drummer for the highly accredit rock group Room 103, understands this statement.Only too well.He has been in love with one woman since he was sixteen She was his soul mate, his lover, his heart and his very essence But she was never his and yet she was always his.Nine years Nine longBoss s story Every man is as heaven made him, and sometimes a great deal worse Boss, drummer for the highly accredit rock group Room 103, understands this statement.Only too well.He has been in love with one woman since he was sixteen She was his soul mate, his lover, his heart and his very essence But she was never his and yet she was always his.Nine years Nine long and lonely years since he last saw her, since he last embraced her unique spark of life and nine god damn years since he d tasted her passion Then, bang There she was, stood in front of him like a vision, like a gift presented to him from God.What did he do when he saw her He ran.He ran because he knew if he touched her once again, then he wouldn t give her the chance to disappear again, to break him all over again or to kill him a little .But this time he would make it his mission to have her, to hold on to her and to finally make her his Completely.He would do anything for her, and he does He does the very thing that loses her So now he needs to fight to battle and strive to get her back With a little help from friends and band mates, his own unique outlook on life and a tiny reprieve from God he grins widely, begs shamelessly and just plain charms the pants off her, the only way Boss can.Jen belongs to Boss simple.Stand in his way and he ll take you down.This book contains explicit sex scenes, domestic abuse, strong language and violence oh, and one hell of a sweet rocker.

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    1. DNF 32% TOO MUSHY FOR MEI realise this book dealt with the very sensitive subject of domestic abuse. But I'm sorry, this wasn't for me.This was book was just a mess!!! Who the hell were these people??? I was so excited, when I saw that this was Boss' story, I love Boss! But the guy in this book was someone else. Firstly he was lovesick puppy, a freaking doormat! Look I'm all for a man who fights for the woman he loves. But nine years???? There comes a time when you must admit defeat and cut your [...]

    2. FREE today on US (11/13/2014)BLURB:Boss's story.‘Every man is as heaven made him, and sometimes a great deal worse.’ Boss, drummer for the highly accredit rock group Room 103, understands this statement.Only too well.He has been in love with one woman since he was sixteen. She was his soul mate, his lover, his heart and his very essence. But she was never his and yet she was always his.Nine years! Nine long and lonely years since he last saw her, since he last embraced her unique spark of l [...]

    3. Man I'm just on a disappointing train my last couple reads. So this is the 2nd in Room 103. Let me say that I LOVED the first book. I LOVED Boss and could NOT wait to get my hands on this book.However, less than 1/2 through it just kept getting more and more disappointing.I mean here you have this "2nd Chance Love" romance going on with what seems like these two great characters. But then, the hero's need to protect the heroine at all cost actually destroyed the relationship. Well, at least for [...]

    4. WOW!!! I thought I was an emotional wreck after the first book (Shocking Heaven), but this one out did it I thinkI love Boss so much, and boy does he and Jen go through the crapper to be together. Definate soul mates, and super hot together! Can't wait for book 3, which is Bulk's storyI love all the guys in Room 103 and E and Jen just add female ass kicking to the group! LOVE!!!

    5. 3.5 Stars I really enjoyed this book up until the midway point. After that, things kind of went downhill for me. I disconnected with the characters and the story seemed to lag. The last couple of chapters pulled me back in and I was happy to see them finally get their HEA. If you like angst and grief in your stories then this is the book for you. But don't fretere's some really awesome sex scenes and several heartfelt happy moments to level things out.

    6. I totally inhaled this book. I laughed a little,got pissed off a little,swooned a lot,cried more than I wanted but I totally enjoyed this love story.Looking forward to more on I hope:)

    7. I think the author had the titles mixed up, because this one should have been called "Shocking Heaven" as I was shocked throughout the entire book.I have always loved Boss. He had such a heart and was the night and shining armor to those in need. My heart constricted throughout the book as I was so torn with his love for Jenn, decisions he was making and the push and pull of emotion he sometimes had.From the start Jenn had my heart breaking. A victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husb [...]

    8. By the wayI loved it!!! WWWWWWOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!! I give this book a 10!!! The first in the series Shocking Heaven with Jax and E was amazing and I didn't think that Dawn could top it. But let me tell you Dawn knocked it out of the park!!! I've come to love this series and is now fighting for the number one spot in my Rockers series. Didn't think writer would be able come close to giving me the WOW factor and have an awesome back story that makes you laugh, cry , want to beat the crap out of someon [...]

    9. I really believe I almost died while reading this book.But before I visit my near death experience, I want to back track a bit just to tell you how fantastic the prequel, Shocking Heaven was. The entire series is so intense, so RAW, so eye-opening, it made it in my top ten all time favorites for sure. Shocking Heaven is a whirl wind of all things catastrophic and beautiful. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will scream obscenities. It’s a must read.Just read it, you know you want to!PS. NO [...]

    10. well well well just when i thought D H Sidebottom couldnt amaze me any more, i was wrong!!!! this book Boss's story was(excuse me) FUCKING EPIC!!!! WOW WOW WOWWWW!!!! i loved it and then totaly loved it some more.I am in shock that a book could grip me as much as this book did, Boss is my fave out of all of the books from Angel and Heart of stone and believe me i LOVED em all.This book is a romance but with a bit of dirty hotness thrown in(of course) but its also sad and the sense of humour tha [...]

    11. Oh holy s**t!!!! I LOVED book one of this series,but I think this one knocked it off my top spot!!! The story begins with Jenn been in a tattoo shop with her sister in law Zoe when someone from her past walks in. Having not seen Boss in nine years she FREAKS out. Well actually Boss freaks out more(men) He leaves and does he own thing to bloke it out. What does he do? Yep you guessed it gets s**t faced. Jenn and Boss have a very sensitive past. Let's just say she wasn't exactly single when they m [...]

    12. D.H did it again; she made me laugh and cry! I thought Shocking Heaven was my favorite but then I read Thrilling Heaven. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thrilling Heaven!!! I knew I liked Boss in Shocking Heaven but didn’t know I would fall in love with him. Boss is funny, loving, and gentle too but takes charge when needed. He will stop at nothing to keep Jen safe and to his self, even if that means death….but he has super powers ;) and one funny ass tattoo!!! Read Thrilling Heaven, you will not be disapp [...]

    13. Never thought I'd be one to love rocker romancesbut here I am, loving it! Boss's story is EPIC. Seriously, this comment from a 46-year-old woman? DH Sidebottom's stories are making me feel young again. What a ride this book was. I cried so hard, I felt my heart rip out, get torn to bits, all the bits pierced and tattooed, beaten with a club, sucked dry, and then put back in to rot, only to instead be slowly healed with love and a whole lot of patience and understanding. You feel me? ;) Then I'd [...]

    14. I enjoyed this but I didn't feel as connected to the characters as I did with Jax and E. I really liked Boss in shocking heaven but for me he was made out to be a bit of a coward and scaredy cat in this book. He was afraid of a lot, he cried a lot for a guy and I just didn't feel that protective nature from him except in that one instance. Jen for me was a bitch. She wanted to have her cake and eat it. I felt like skimming over a few parts, the sex was repetitive and the 'by the way' thing was a [...]

    15. Boss made this book for me. I really loved him in Shocking Heaven and I so wanted him to have his HEA. While I still liked this book, I nearly only gave it 3 stars because of Jen. I had the hardest time connecting with her and some of the decisions she was making especially in the middle of the book really frustrated me.For those of you who will read this book and may experience the same frustration in the middle of the story as I did, please do not give up. The last 25% of this book is amazing [...]

    16. I absolutely loved Shocking Heaven and was so impatient to read Boss story, it was even worse to be disppointed in the read. I felt that Jen was not as strong a woman as I usually like to read about in term of personality and actions. I mean, I understand her choice 9 years ago but none of the other she makes. I mean who wouldn t be thrilled to be finally free??? Or to be even more blunt, why go through the trouble 11 years ago and not simply make a choice? I couldn t understand any of this. And [...]

    17. Jen and Ethan. I loved their story. So much love and heartache between these guys. I love the writing, I can really get lost in these stories, really feel as if I am right there watching everything unfold. These rockers - Room 103, are a really gorgeous bunch of guys, they love their girls to distraction and nothing will get in their way to make them theirs completely. I was heartbroken so many times for Jen and Ethan and the decisions Ethan had to make for Jen to finally be his. Didn't want it [...]

    18. This is the second in the Room 103 series and in this book we meet Boss. Mmmmm Boss. Boss is the drummer for Room 103 and he meets up again with ex girlfriend Jen does not go well. Jen and Boss had a relationship as teenagers, but Jen had a choice to make and she didn't pick Boss. This is another fantastic book from D.H.Sidebottom, it's emotional, intense and bloody heartbreaking in parts. I cried buckets whilst reading this book. It was soo well written and there's one part in particular that j [...]

    19. OMG I am so in love with Boss, the second book in the Room 103 series was amazing, I loved Boss in Shocking Heaven and couldn't wait to read his story and I wasn't disappointed and was more in love with him by the end of the book. Again this had me laughing, crying (full on sobbing at times)smiling and wanting to shake some sense in to both Boss and Jen at times, I felt as though I was on an emotional roller coaster ride and I didn't actually want the book to end but it did and then . we get Bul [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsMmmmm I am really torn here. At some points I loved this book but on the other hand I had a lot of issues with it. I love Boss he is the best! Jen kind of got on my nerves though. There were also some inconsistantcies. Like haveing brocken ribs and fingers then having crazy hard sex. That would not happen right wouldn't that be very painful? And can you have sex with someone and two weeks be preggers? I don't know i guess it's possible. I do like this series though, the side characters [...]

    21. You either love or hate this book. This book was hard to read at times. As of all this authors book she tells of very real issues in vivid color. I connect with the characters, all of them, It is hard to read but so we'll worth it.

    22. As much as I thought I adored Boss in Shocking, Thrilling only proved that my previous adoration was little more than a school girl's crush! It is now full on lusty adoration! I love how Bulk is to Jen, what Boss is to E. Every woman needs a man like that in their life! By the way

    23. I love these boys. So much heart and a lot of fun. Another great story. I do not want to give it away, but what GREAT writing. I cried and laughed at the comments and the detail to this story. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT

    24. This is a DNF for me, after 30% I started skimming and it just didn't get any better. UGH! So many problems with this storyline.

    25. I don't know what to make of Boss's story. This, I can truly say I didn't plan for. I don't know if I like it, hate it or I am just plain okay with it. The main question I have for almost every single piece of unfortunate event is why? This story could have been written differently and still be a good one. We get so mixed up in all sorts of things, that I feel as if I have lost sight of the characters. Is this the 'Room 103' trilogy or 'Heart of Stone' series? I think Dawn is mixing her novels [...]

    26. Book 2 in the Room 103 series. This is Boss's story. Written in both POV's. Boss is the drummer in the band Room 103.The story was sexually driven. The story contained abusive scenes. Jen had been in an abusive marriage for nine years, with Kyle. They met when she was fourteen waited unto sixteen to have sex and since then Kyle became possessive. Kyle was a jealous guy. Main characters: Jen. Ethan a.k.a Boss. Kyle.Supporting characters: Bulk. Zoe. Ethan and Kyle were brothers. Jen found herself [...]

    27. I read Shocking Heaven, the first book in the series, and I loved it. During the reading of Shocking Heaven, I knew that Boss was special. As soon as Thrilling Heaven was released, I bought it. However, I have kept putting off reading it until I knew I would be able to devour it in one sitting. Well that opportunity arrived and I am glad to say that it was well worth the wait.D.H. Sidebottom has the ability to write a deep storyline, that grips you right from the very beginning and does not let [...]

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