The Entity Who Came for Christmas In Vamptown it s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Tis the season for a brand new holiday novella from award winning author Cat Devon Pru Daniels should know better than to hook up with sexy Sim

  • Title: The Entity Who Came for Christmas
  • Author: Cat Devon
  • ISBN: 9781466846494
  • Page: 262
  • Format: ebook
  • In Vamptown, it s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Tis the season for a brand new holiday novella from award winning author Cat Devon Pru Daniels should know better than to hook up with sexy Simon Howell He s a vampire Demon Hunter and a former knight at King Arthur s roundtable She s a witch, a descendant of Morgan Le Fay Clearly things could get complicated.WheIn Vamptown, it s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Tis the season for a brand new holiday novella from award winning author Cat Devon Pru Daniels should know better than to hook up with sexy Simon Howell He s a vampire Demon Hunter and a former knight at King Arthur s roundtable She s a witch, a descendant of Morgan Le Fay Clearly things could get complicated.When Simon shows up in Vamptown while Pru is visiting a friend and fellow witch, he claims to have come for the holidays to visit fellow vampire Demon Hunter Damon Thornheart But things soon turn passionate as Pru and Simon join together to battle the forces of evil The holidays won t be the only thing ruined if Simon and Pru can t work things out Can this vampire Demon Hunter find his heart in time to save his love and his immortality

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    1. Cat Devon says:

      Cat Devon was a pseudonym for the award winning author Cathie Linz A former librarian and confessed bookaholic, she had a weakness for wickedly sexy vampires, imported dark chocolate and decadent cupcakes She and her family lived in the Chicago area.

    2 thoughts on “The Entity Who Came for Christmas

    1. I am a complete sucker for Christmas books, I’m being serious. Write a book and have it taking place at Christmas time and it’s a must read from me!With this book, I was really excited to read it because I have read the authors previous 2 books, and couldn’t wait to find out what she did with a novella length story. I do have to say that I was extremely satisfied with how this story played out. Right off the bat one thing that I enjoyed was that even if you haven’t read the other books i [...]

    2. The Entity Who Came for Christmas is a fast paced, humorous holiday based story. Pru Daniels and Simon Howell had a one time fling, that ended badly. Coming face to face again was the last thing either of them expected or wanted, but when Simon shows up in Vamptown to find the legendary Excalibur, they have an extremely rocky reunion. Followed by a tense filled collaboration to find Excalibour before the demons.For some reason, Pru and Simon are both inexplicably drawn to each other. Its a love/ [...]

    3. I love holiday books, and I especially love unusual holiday books. The Entity Who Came For Christmas has witches celebrating the Winter Solstice and gallivanting through snowy Chicago with vampire Demon Hunters over the Christmas holiday – can’t get much more unusual than that.Oh wait, yes you can.Pru, the female MC, is a descendant of Morgan Le Fay and Simon, her ex-lover/current-pain-in-her-butt, was one of King Arthur’s knights of the roundtable way back in the day and this connection p [...]

    4. Pru Daniels opens the door at her friend's house to see the one person she wished that she never saw againSimon Howell. What was Pru thinking dating Simon. Witches and Vampire Demon Hunters do not mix. Well at least Pru taught Simon a lesson that he will not soon forget. Pru cursed Simon. Now Simon has a bit of a impotence problem. Don't mess with a witch. Or at least break up on friendly terms. This is a quick read. This novella while only less than 67 pages long reads like a full length book. [...]

    5. This novella could have done with quite a bit less "As you know, Bob" exposition. It was everywhere! I appreciate the author wanting to familiarize us with the universe but this was overkill. There was a lot we didn't need to know to understand this particular story. Here's why I kept reading: the total cheese factor. Simon was a vampire in King Arthur's court, sired by Merlin. Pru is a witch descended from the line of Morgan Le Fay. And after Simon banged Pru because of a prophecy she cursed hi [...]

    6. Five tree-top stars for The Entity Who Came for Christmas by Cat Devon, perfect paranormal fun for the holiday season I gave myself a treat yesterday and re-read book one of Cat Devon's Entity series (Sleeping With The Entity), then read for the first time books two (The Entity Within), and the new holiday novella, The Entity Who Came for Christmas, that I just received from the publisher for review. I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed Devon's fun and irreverent take on vampires, who just [...]

    7. I love reading paranormal romance. Being able to let my imagination go wild with the author’s characters and storyline is a good part of the fun. Most of the time it works. But if you’re going to change up a legend that people love in two major genres, you need to make sure something special ends up on the page. Camelot, King Arthur, Merlin, Excaliber – you mention any of those and people know exactly what you’re talking about. Even Morgan Le Fey. So Merlin as a vampire?Simon is a vampir [...]

    8. Simon Howell had come to Chicago Vampland to acquire and/or find the legendary Sword Excalibur. An ancient sword that gave the bearer extreme powers and that had belonged to King Arthur. Among other reasons. As a human Simon had been a warrior in king Arthur's court , one of the Knights of the Round Table and then Merlin the Magician changed Simon into a Vampire. Pru Daniels was a Witch who had met Simon a year ago and they both fell passionately in love with each other. But when Pru found Simon [...]

    9. MehThe Entity who came for Christmas was too short to really be considered good. Even for a novella it seemed short. Like a little too much was cut out, and then to add insult to injury there's an excerpt for the next entity book at the end( even more insulting is that it's the same excerpt that's at the end of her previous book, Sleeping With the Entity but I feel like this whole story would have been better served by taking the excerpt out, or even just cutting it short, and adding pages to th [...]

    10. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.The Entity Who Came for Christmas is a holiday novella in the Entity series from Cat Devon and involves the best friends of the main characters from the second novel, The Entity Within. Simon Howell and Pru Daniels have a past together and now they have to work as a team in order to locate and lay claim to sword from the Arthurian legend known as Excalibur. There are demons that are lurking about, but what adds to the tension are all their unr [...]

    11. A short, cute readPru Daniels is a witch from the line of Morgan Le Fay who made the mistake of hooking up with a vampire demon hunter she met on a trip to London a year ago and she got burned so she placed a curse on him, what else is a witch to do when her heart is trampled. Simon Howell is the vampire demon hunter who is under Pru's curse. He made the mistake of telling her he hooked up with her because she was of the line of Morgan Le Fay right before he left her. He was also thrown by their [...]

    12. The thing that I love about Cat Devon is the humor that is in her books. Her characters have some of the best one-liners that I’ve seen and The Entity Who Came For Christmas is no exception. Simon Howell, is in town for the holidays to visit his protege Damon and search for the legendary Excalibur. What he didn’t plan on was running into the one woman who melted his rough exterior and placed a curse on sex life. Pru Daniels thought she was done with Simon Howell when he left her and ultimate [...]

    13. Thoroughly enjoyed this witty Christmas novella! The play on words is hilarious and well delivered throughout the story. The perfect little story for those times you want a fast read and something to entertain you with a few chuckles. All of the books in the Entity series are delightful and well worth taking the time to read. A series set in one of Chicago’s neighborhood’s call Vamptown by the paranormals that live and visit. Of course silly humans are unaware of all the other worldly high j [...]

    14. The Entity Who Came for Christmas is the first work that I have read by Devon, and I found that I really enjoyed it. The Entity Who Came for Christmas proved impossible to put down because I had to see what happened next leading me to read it in one sitting. Devon combines romance, humor, and the supernatural in a wonderful holiday tale that serves as a great introduction to her series for a newbie like me or a special holiday treat for her faithful readers. Simon and Pru were both developed wel [...]

    15. The Entity who came for Christmas. Cat Devon. Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews. I loved the first one in this series, and this short novella is topical for the time of year. It doesn't feature characters from the first book, but Pru and Simon are very similar types with a hate/love relationship that we found there, and its written in the same humorous, light-hearted way. There's some funny snarky comments between the duo that made me smile. I enjoyed the novel, though I’m not really a no [...]

    16. I enjoyed meeting Simon Howell and Pru Daniels in this Christmas novella by Cat Devon. I have to confess that I wasn't sure that I was going to like Simon after I read how he had used Pru in London a year ago; but Cat's building of his backstory made me realize that he was definitely one of the good guys. I also cheered when I read that Pru had cursed him for his mis-use of her and their relationship that developed in London. On the hunt together to find Excalibur, I enjoyed getting acquainted w [...]

    17. This is a Part of the series Simon a demon destroy vamp from King Arthur's time. Simon is Looking for Excalibur . He only has 48 hours to find it . He goes to Chicago for 2 reasons for Excalibur since he believes it's in Chicago and the Witch Prue who put a spell on him. She put a spell on his private parts so he can't enjoy women . He releases that he needs Prussia help to find Excalibur. Thing is Prue put the spell on Simon because he told her he used her for a reason. Prue is Mad with Simon b [...]

    18. The Entity Who Came For Christmas by Cat Devon“Happy Sol--crap!” is the start of this Chicago Vamptown novella. Pru Daniels opens the door to find former lover Simon Howell. Not the best start for this visit to her friends for the holiday.A joyful romp and fighting demons adventure in Chicago with lots of fun references for those who are familiar with the city. I enjoyed the mix of the holiday references within the city such as the annual German market in Daly Plaza and the ice skating rink. [...]

    19. Short and fun, a paranormal romance with witches, vampires, demons, sex, and a good dose of legend. A hunt for Excalibur offers opportunities to describe a festive Chicago during the Christmas holidays and the power of believing. Love conquers. While this fast read is good for busy folks during the holiday season, even a novella can stand a bit more complexity

    20. OkOkNot as good as the other Entity stories. No real character development. So so story. Glad it was on sale.

    21. Quick fun read that involves witches, vampires, Merlin, King Arthur, Excalibur, familiars and more. Pacing felt off (very rushed), but otherwise I enjoyed it.

    22. Got this courtesy of NetGalley.I liked the first two books in the series. The story needed to be longer. I wanted more on the characters to believe that they truly belonged together.

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