Stress City When Mrs D arrives in Stress City and takes on the job of City Problem Solver the inhabitants are delighted thinking their problems are over Yeah right Jack and Dundee s problem is that everyone i

  • Title: Stress City
  • Author: Emer Bruce
  • ISBN: 9780957632509
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Mrs D arrives in Stress City, and takes on the job of City Problem Solver, the inhabitants are delighted, thinking their problems are over Yeah, right Jack and Dundee s problem is that everyone in Stress City thinks they are idiots No matter what they do, trouble finds them Bad luck follows them around And they are beginning to think the Universe has got somethWhen Mrs D arrives in Stress City, and takes on the job of City Problem Solver, the inhabitants are delighted, thinking their problems are over Yeah, right Jack and Dundee s problem is that everyone in Stress City thinks they are idiots No matter what they do, trouble finds them Bad luck follows them around And they are beginning to think the Universe has got something against them At the suggestion of their pal Duggey, who owns the local book shop, they decide to visit the City s new problem solver, Mrs D, who has just opened a cafe in the woods But Mrs D is not at all what they expect.

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    1. Emer Bruce says:

      Emer Bruce, author, screenwriter.After twenty years of corporate hell Emer Bruce resigned in order to complete her first novel With her best friend, Lizzie Life, she formed Stress City Headquarters in 2013 a publishing company and creative hub, providing an outlet for sharing music, myth and inspiration.Follow Stress City Headquarters stresscityfacebook Stress City HQ HQStress on Twitter

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    1. If you love fantasy worlds with a good deal of humour you'll love this book. I loved the way that the world and characters were introduced gradually setting the scene for the rest of the story. The characters made me laugh, hurtling through different magical realms on a quest for a missing key the Heroes of the tale meet many different obstacles and enemies. Beautifully described I was completely absorbed from start to finish.The book reminds me of Discworld novels for the humour and engaging ch [...]

    2. (I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review).(This review may contain spoilers).I found this book to be quite a good, entertaining read. The characters and storyline were interesting and engaging enough to keep me reading and keep my interest.I did start off with some confusion about what Stress City actually was. By the end of the book, I had a much better understanding of it all and the role of a lot of the characters - though I'm not sure I know what the role [...]

    3. I was approached by the author a few months ago regarding read for an honest review and have really devoted my time to this book.It has been an ideal story to dip in and out of every evening thus allowing me time to absorb the story I have just readIt is so vividly written that each colourful character is depicted as an entire imageight and full of life yet when things go wrong the colour drains away from the characters.The main unlikely "heroes"of this tale are hapless Jack and Dundee. the extr [...]

    4. If i’m being honset, I’ve never actually read a ‘fantsay’ book at all. I have no logical reason as to why, I guess I always thought they were going to be a little far fetched. But thats what fantasy is all about. It’s allowing whatever you wish to happen, happen. A good imagination with the skill to write a book, can unleash the most amazing of stories.I enjoyed this alot. The characters where all written wonderfully. My favourite had to be the two so called ‘idiots’, Jack and Dund [...]

    5. Thank you to the author for the copy of this book for review. Great cover!So here we have an entertaining and slightly different "fairytale" following the antics of an eclectic mix of characters living in the beautifully imagined Stress City. Highly humerous and a great deal of fun I enjoyed this one thoroughly!Foolish Folk Jack and Dundee, bookshop owner Duggey and so called problem solver Mrs D will capture your imagination - and a fun filled story awaits - a battle for the souls of Stress Cit [...]

    6. Wow what a funny fast-paced, rollicking good read. A book to really make you smile and laugh out loud. Characters so rich, funny and engaging they just leap off the page. The end will have cheering for the goodies like a good old-fashioned fairy tale. A great curl-up-on-the-sofa novel from a brilliant first time writer.

    7. What a fab read, starts where a lot of us are, in Stress City, and then escapes to the Otherworld where heroes are in abundance, still trying to decide which one is my fave. The inclusion of mythical characters alongside the fictional definitely gives this tale an extra edge. Looking forward to the next instalment.

    8. A wild imaginitive read that really had me hooked.I wasnt expecting it to be so funny.The idiots are hillarious! Cant wait to find out what happens to them

    9. If you want to read something different. I recommend this book highly it is different and refreshing. Prepare yourself for a weird wild ride.

    10. "Future Cult Classic". A super tale that is a rip roaring saga, had me and my teenage niece rolling about with laughter. This is so going to be a cult book.

    11. Prepare yourself to enter a world of Celtic conundrums, where life is never what it seems. A mesmerising place where zeros can become heroes, and the opening of one door can change your life.I found this book funny, intriguing and slightly confusing sometimes all at the same time. Rarely have I enjoyed having my head scrambled and served back to me with such aplomb. Can't wait for the next helping. Come on Ms Bruce some more Dundee and make it snappy!

    12. Original and captivating tale, full of humour and thought provoking concepts.Looking forward to sequel.Read It!!

    13. I was approached by the author of this book to read it and give and give an honest review.It was a book I enjoyed immensely and I am liking more and more the fantasy type books and seem to be reading more of them. The book started out without any fantasy aspect that I could see, with people simply getting on with their everyday lives (even if some of them seem a little on the exaggerated form). It then very quickly changed from quite a slow moving first few chapters which set the scene and locat [...]

    14. In the interests of disclosure: I was approached by the author and offered a free copy of this book (paperback) in exchange for an honest review.Stress City, it must be said is like no novel I have ever read before. It has a wealth of larger than life, vivid characters, many of whom are inspired by the mythical, the mystical and folklore legend. And it has a plot that somehow manages to span the real and the surreal, putting it, even among other fantasy books, in a league of its own.The fundamen [...]

    15. This is the most fantastically overwhelming and unique novel that I've ever read. An assault on all the senses, it seemed as though every page turned to reveal new, bizarre and exciting discoveries. On the Island, Stress City is in trouble, the city key must be found before everything grinds to a halt. Enter the Heroes Or rather the 'Idiots'. I laughed out loud at times with the antics of Jack and Dundee who were recruited by the Poppins like character of Mrs D.Bruce introduces the most amazing [...]

    16. Loved this book! It's an intelligent, original modern Celtic style fantasy novel with a great sense of humour. The central characters bumble their way through a topsy turvy world of strange and wonderful lands mingling with scary and mystical opponents at every turn. The book contains many canny observations on modern life and deals with them in a tongue in cheek manner which will strike a note with anyone who has been in the rat race.I cannot wait for Jack and Dundee to get back 'over the bridg [...]

    17. STRESS CITY is a novel which is made up of a lot of “parts”: part-satire, part-fantasy, part-mystery, etc. Everyone is Stress City knows way too much about everyone else. They’re all expected to behave in predictable ways, like Jack and Dundee who are the ‘village idiots’ so they’re always doing something idiotic. When the new City Problem Solver comes to town, everything changes. Stress City is not what it seems and there is more than meets the eye to some of its inhabitants. STRESS [...]

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