The Accidental Countess CAN A SCANDALOUS CHARADEFor seven long years Lady Cassandra Monroe has waited for the man of her dreams to return from the war Unfortunately he happens to be engaged to her flighty cousin What Cass

  • Title: The Accidental Countess
  • Author: Valerie Bowman
  • ISBN: 9781250042088
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • CAN A SCANDALOUS CHARADEFor seven long years, Lady Cassandra Monroe has waited for the man of her dreams to return from the war Unfortunately, he happens to be engaged to her flighty cousin What Cass wouldn t give to take her cousin s place When he mistakes Cass for Patience Bunbury, a fictitious friend her cousin has invented to escape social obligations even with herCAN A SCANDALOUS CHARADEFor seven long years, Lady Cassandra Monroe has waited for the man of her dreams to return from the war Unfortunately, he happens to be engaged to her flighty cousin What Cass wouldn t give to take her cousin s place When he mistakes Cass for Patience Bunbury, a fictitious friend her cousin has invented to escape social obligations even with her future husband, Cass thinks this is her chance LEAD TO TRUE AND LASTING LOVE After defeating Napoleon at Waterloo, Captain Julian Swift is not quite ready to settle down and enter into his unwanted arranged marriage especially when the real object of his affection turns out to be a beguiling beauty he meets at a party Patience Bunbury is witty, independent, passionate and, unbeknownst to him, the cousin of his current fianc e When the truth about Cass comes out and Julian discovers that their courtship is anything but accidental will he surrender his heart to a woman who really is too good to be true

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    1. Valerie Bowman says:

      Valerie Bowman is an award winning author who writes Regency set historical romance novels aka Racy Regency Romps Valerie s debut novel was published in 2012 Since then, her books have received starred reviews from Publisher s Weekly, Booklist, and Kirkus She s been an RT Reviewers Choice nominee for Best First Historical Romance and Best Historical Romance Love and Laughter Two of her books have been nominated for the Kirkus Prize for fiction.Valerie grew up in Illinois with six sisters she s number seven and a huge supply of historical romance novels After a cold and snowy stint earning a degree in English Language and Literature with a minor in history at Smith College, she moved to Florida the first chance she got Valerie now lives in Jacksonville with her family including her rascally dogs When she s not writing, she keeps busy reading, traveling, or vacillating between watching crazy reality TV and PBS.Visit Valerie on the web at ValerieBowmanBooks.

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    1. Could these two characters be more boring?_________I am afraid not.Review to come.Okayter having read Lucy's and Derek's book, comes the dreaded Cassandra and Julian bookAnd I am sorry to say, that I didn't like this. I was able to finish it, but, I really couldn't care less about these two boring, gorgeous _blond god and goddess _ people!Cassandra continues to be her same boring self, and in this one she doesn't have the excuse of not being the main character. She is the main character, and Luc [...]

    2. As much as I enjoyed the first book in the series, The Unexpected Duchess, I loved this one even more. The author's take on Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" and the engaging comedy of manners humor, along with a sighworthy romance, really won me over. I'm looking forward to Jane and Garrett's story next. They really strike sparks off each other. Definitely recommend this series!Overall rating: 4.5/5.0 stars.Reviewed for Affaire De Coeur Magazine in the November 2014 issue. affairedecoeur.

    3. A charming, sweet, and delightful historical romance, The Accidental Countess was a lovely read. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I really liked it.Cass was a lovely heroine. Quiet, thoughtful, and kindhearted, she was definitely likable. And, over the course of the book, she learned to become stronger and live for herself and not others' expectation. I thought she was great.Julian was wonderful, as well. Sweet and the epitome of a gentleman, he was simply adorable. I thought he was a perfect her [...]

    4. Que leitura incrível, dentro do romance histórico a autora é seguramente uma aposta. Inicialmente pensei que a história fosse estapafúrdia pela sinopse mas depois de engrenar com a Cassie e o Julian e as confusões todas provocadas pela identidade de Bunbury/Cassie e a ideia louca de Lucy! Foi ótimo rever algumas personagens do romance anterior e ver como estes dois se apaixonavam mesmo sem saber! Final foi muito fofo e lê-se numa questão de horas! Excelente leitura!

    5. After years of procrastinating on Valerie Bowman books, I have decided I didn't mind to read mindless romance.As usual, the author has its own style - I find this book, about unrequited love is quite funny, at the same time it did had its moments of ups and downs. I might aptly compared it to another book by Lisa Kelypas entitled Love in the Afternoon because I find Lady Cass and Captain Julian's story quite similar to Beatrix and Captain Christopher. But, I would say the Lisa Kleypas novel is w [...]

    6. Cass had waited years for the man she loved from afar. She wrote to him everyday. More so than his very own betrothed. She fell in love with the man as a child. She watched him through the eyes of a woman. She finally gets to see him after him coming so close to death. She so close but so far. The role she has taken on has allowed her to be more than the prim and proper lady she was raised to be. She takes that chance at love and regrets very little. Julian had come home from a war that almost t [...]

    7. A tangled treat!Second in the Playful Brides series. Once again Lucy Hunt, the newly minted Duchess of Claringdon hatches a hare brained scheme and all fall into line. Really, I am struck by the fact that these friends and acquaintances lead themselves to the charade so readily. Such is the power that Lucy wields that others follow her mad capped, pied piper's tune. This time it is Cassandra, Lady Munroe and Lucy's best friend who is swept deeper and deeper into a tangled web of tortured love as [...]

    8. 3.5 out of 5 stars. I loved the first book of this trilogy The Unexpected Duchess, and I was looking forward to reading this, the second book in the series. Ms. Bowman is a very fine writer. She's a good story teller with delightful characters, and sparkling witty dialogue. And, even though there's a lot of humor and amusing situations, there's also a serious dimension that provides a good balance and gives her characters depth. All of these qualities are present in this book as well. However, h [...]

    9. Witty, funny, and a fantastic story. I could not put this book down. Lady Cassandra Monroe has dreamed about what her life would be life with the man of her dreams if he wasn't engaged to her cousin. When her cousin hides from her betrothed and Cassie finds herself being identified as her cousin's fictitious friend Patience she plays along to spend just a few more days with the man she loves before he marries her cousin.Captain Julian Swift has just returned from war after nearly losing his life [...]

    10. This book was so much fun to read, and I simply adored these Ladies! Valerie Bowman created the most amazing characters for this series. They are fun, bold, brilliant, and daring. Most historical romances have happy endings, however, this one has the BEST happily ever after I have read in a long, long time! The plot of this story was fun, but the plotting IN this story was hilarious! The true hero in this story was very much in need of a lady to save his soul, and Mz. Bowman created the perfect [...]

    11. ****Copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review****I didn't love this. I've read quite a lot of historical romances and this one didn't do it for me the way that some others in the genre do. I can see that I'm in the minority over this - because most other reviews have really loved it, but I had some issues with the way the plot panned out and with some of the language choices.Not for me - but clearly others have loved it.

    12. omundoencantadodoslivros.cMais um livro de Valerie Bowman que chegou até a nós e mais uma vez a autora conseguiu deixar-me encantada. A cada página a autora consegue prender o seu leitor de uma forma inequívoca e sempre com aquele toque especial e característico que marca os seus livros. Que toque é esse? Não sei explicar, a verdade é que a autora consegue escrever de uma forma muito própria, com um toque de humor muito característico e que faz com que consiga reconhecer os seus livros [...]

    13. Um livro super divertido de se ler, adorei as tramas que as personagens femininas arranjaram para juntar Julian com Cassandra.opinião completa em: aviciadadoslivros/

    14. Cassie was the one constant the one truth in his whole life. Cassie loved him. She always had. How could he not have seen it in her letters, all of them until now? Why had it taken this one to show him the truth? She may have lied to him but he could forgive her that sin. Her lie was nothing compared to the much greater truth of her love.3.5 stars! I thought Derek and Lucy's banter was hilarious in the first book, so it was great to get a completely different dynamic with Cass and Julian, who ha [...]

    15. Cassandra Monroe has always loved Julian Swift, but he's all but spoken for to her cousin who honestly does not want to marry him. When Cassie is given the chance to see Julian before he makes his engagement with her cousin official, she take it even though it means becoming a fictional character, Patience Bunbury.Julian Swift has just returned from war, a war he was not meant to survive. He no longer wishes to continue the promised engagement, something he never wanted. He just wants peace and [...]

    16. "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive" Sir Walter Scott(The above quote is perfect for this book.)Captain Julian Swift has just returned from seven years away while serving in the war. He faced incredible hardships, pain, and loss. He is anxious to meet up with, Penelope, the young woman to whom he became betrothed before leaving for war. Believing that Julian has been gone so long that he will not remember her, Cassandra (Cass) Monroe has become caught up in agreeing [...]

    17. What a delightful tale this is! It is a comedy of errors and mistaken identity that rolls merrily along and captures the reader's imagination along the way. I have to admit that some of the 'humorous' historic romances I've read bordered on slapstick which I detest in this genre. It has to have some believable elements to the story. The author gave it just enough humor and creative circumstances to avoid this pratfall. However, since I had not read the previous book in the series, I suspect the [...]

    18. Neskutočne dobrá kniha. Skutočne. Po knihe Nečakane vojvodkyňou, kde mi učaroval autorkin štýl písania - jej humor, vykonštruovaná zápletka a bláznivá hrdinka - musím konštatovať, že táto sa mi páčila ešte viac. Okrem hlavnej hrdinky Cassandry, ktorá je celkom inej povahy ako jej najlepšia priateľka Lucy, sa tu stretávame aj so všetkými hrdinami, ktorých sme poznali už z prvého románu série Playful Brides. (Aby vás to ale nepomýlilo, knihy sa dajú čítať aj [...]

    19. This was a fun story and I really enjoyed it. Lady Cassandra got herself in a predicament by pretending to be someone she was not and it was fun reading about her and waiting to find out how she was going to get herself out of the mess she created and how Julian would react when he discovered the truth. There was a lot of misunderstandings between the two of them but like all good love stories, it all worked out to a very satisfying ending.

    20. This book was fun, but at the same time very confusing. Cassandra is in love with Julian. He has to marry Cassandra’s cousin. Julian is in love with Cassandra, but he believes that she is in love with another man. And add to the mix that Lucy, Cassandra’s best friend, lied to Julian about Cassandra’s real name.

    21. Valerie Bowman is back with another delightful story. I loved Julian Swift. He stole my hear the moment he appeared on the page. Cass is sweet and hopeful and everything Julian needs in his life. This wonderful new spin on The Importance of Being Earnest is a definite keeper!

    22. I enjoy this series, however I think this story was a little slower than the others I've read. (I read some out of order!) This story is about Cassandra, who has been in love with Julian since she was sixteen. The problem is, he's all but engaged to her cousin Penelope. Justin is a soldier and has been out of the country for years. All the while, Cass has been writing to him nearly daily to keep his spirits up. When Julian returns from fighting, he and Cass reunite, but he doesn't recognize her [...]

    23. 2.5 stars rounded up to 3 since it’s the new year. I was expecting a mad romp, comedy style escape to close out the year but that’s not what I got. The plot is contrived and the romance is not very convincing. I kept having to put the book aside which is always a bad sign. The heroine had so many chances to tell the truth that her lack of honesty grated in the end. The hero too is not well drawn m. Overall disappointing. The 0.5 star was added for the secondary characters. Lucy and Jane save [...]

    24. Ooooh. This was was really slow paced for me and Cass and Julien were two really perfect, blond, boring people. I wanted Cass to grow a backbone, and it took her way too long. The story meandered along and the pair barely spent time together. What did they have in common besides 7 years of letter writing? And come on, I suspend my disbelief all the time in books, but don't tell me someone changes so drastically from age 16 to 23 (unless you are a plastic Kardashian) that you don't recognize them [...]

    25. I'm not a big fan of lies. When someone is lying in a book, I get daftly anxious about when the truth will inevitably come out. Sometimes it works - in The Flame in the Mist, Mariko lies a lot, but her reasons make sense and the prospect of revelation kept me reading. Sadly, in this book, Cassandra's lies just made me uncomfortable. I couldn't quite work out why she went along with the shenanigans, lying to the man she loved.I did enjoy the ending though. A bit bonkers but I found myself a bit m [...]

    26. One word, heroine is a floor-mat. The hero is an idiot. I also hated how she didn't take accountability in her role in the story and instead just blamed Lucy with the whole thing. Also the way the hero's father is portrayed seems very unrealistic. I've read numerous books wherein the father is a villain but the reasons why the father wanted him to go to the army so very improbable and stupid. The side character seems to have more presence than the main ones which tells you how much the main peop [...]

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