Enigma faraonului Agatha Mistery is a fanciful and fabulous new mystery series about a headstrong girl detective who jets off on exotic and international adventures with the help of her hulking bodyguard and loyal cat

  • Title: Enigma faraonului
  • Author: SteveStevenson Stefano Turconi
  • ISBN: 9786066095488
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Agatha Mistery is a fanciful and fabulous new mystery series about a headstrong girl detective who jets off on exotic and international adventures with the help of her hulking bodyguard and loyal cat named, aptly, Watson The first mystery in this series sees young detective Agatha Mistery traveling to Egypt Rumors of a mysterious tablet unearthed in the Valley of the KinAgatha Mistery is a fanciful and fabulous new mystery series about a headstrong girl detective who jets off on exotic and international adventures with the help of her hulking bodyguard and loyal cat named, aptly, Watson The first mystery in this series sees young detective Agatha Mistery traveling to Egypt Rumors of a mysterious tablet unearthed in the Valley of the Kings may be just the clue that Agatha needs to unlock the secret curse of an ancient Pharaoh.

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      Sir Steve Stevenson, pseudonym of Mario Pasqualotto

    2 thoughts on “Enigma faraonului

    1. I liked the firs book,it was good.I read this book fast because is very easy to read it andalso the book is very interesting.

    2. I read this one in Dutch but I will be writing my review in English.So, I spotted these at Library #3 and I was immediately interested. Egypt? Mystery/Mistery? Girl Detective? Fun illustrations? Um, yes please. Sign me up!I also saw that the library had 2 more books in this series (book 2 and 3) so I took those with me as well. And in the end I quite liked this book, otherwise I wouldn't have rated it a 3 stars. But there was also enough that I didn't like, and I will address those first. Let's [...]

    3. I really wanted to like this and I probably would have if it hadn't use my current pet peeve, kids lit cliché. The not so subtle inside joke character names. The name dropping had all the subtly of Madonna’s “Vogue.” Baker (as a street name), Dashiell, Mistery(changing the spelling doesn’t improve it), Ellery, Edgar Allan, Agatha, Chandler, Watson, Patricia, and that’s just chapter one. I guess I just don’t quite understand why authors are so keen to do this so much lately. It's a s [...]

    4. As a new learner of Italian, I found the book to be sufficiently difficult and intriguing while introducing a lot of useful vocabulary and colloquialisms.

    5. Bel librino per ragazzi. Forse un tantino ammiccante (c'è una bambina di dodici anni che ragiona come Miss Marple e vabbe'), ma ai piccoletti dovrebbe piacere.RisvoltoIl primo volume della serie Agatha Mistery racconta le avventure di Agatha, una londinese dodicenne appassionata di gialli, e di suo cugino Larry, che frequenta la Eye School, la più celebre scuola di detective al mondo. I due sono accompagnati nei loro avventurosi viaggi dal maggiordomo Mr Kent e da Watson, il gatto siberiano co [...]

    6. اول جزء من سلسلة أغاثا فتاة الألغازابطال هذه السلسله هم:أغاثا ميستري:فتاة ذكية تحلم ان تكون كاتبة للروايات المثيرهداشييل ميستري او داش:وهو طالب في اكاديمية آي للتحقيقتشاندلر:كبير الخدم وملاكم سابق والقط واتسون الذي يتمتع بحاسة شم كالكلابيطلب من داش ان يكتشف المسؤول عت سرقة [...]

    7. I found this on the shelf and gave it to a student who said she liked mysteries. She reported back that she liked it and wanted the rest. We only have the first, alas. But I read this and think it's just the sort of thing I need more of in my collection. A good mystery, funny, not overly complicated and an interesting locale.

    8. A good short exciting mystery. We need more mysteries like this! An interesting and exotic locale, a quick solve, and a fun series.

    9. According to Booklist, the Agatha Mistery series is kicked off in style with The Curse of the Pharaoh. We are introduced of course to Agatha, as well as her cousin Dash, her butler Chandler and her cat Watson. Dash's exam for the Eye International Detective Agency, where he is a student, leads one and all to Egypt to find a missing Egyptian artifact. Everyone contributes to the case but Agatha is obviously the one in charge. This first book of seven provides everything a beginning chapter book r [...]

    10. Rebuscando entre mis pendientes encontré esta novela corta que ha cumplido todas mis expectativas, ha sido fácil de leer y me ha despejado la cabeza.Hoy en día, la criatura que tengo en el interior no para de dar por saco con ciertas preguntas, como por qué ha sido todo TAN FÁCIL para Agatha y por qué es ella tan perfecta, no solo sabe de todo y es buena detective, sino que además es modesta y madura para su edad, si casi se olvida uno de que es una niña de 12 años si no llega a ser por [...]

    11. Colección de libros de intriga tipo detectivescos, recomendada para niños de aproximadamente unos 8 añitos.

    12. Lots of fun! I'm not positive the intended audience will catch all the references to mystery authors, detectives, and stories, but I did and they were a hoot (a camel named Nero?! lol). The character of Aunt Patricia is the only I one I couldn't quite assign to her real-life counterpart. Is she supposed to reference patricia cornwall or patricia highsmith? Or some other Patricia I don't know?My only complaint is the dearth of female characters. Agatha is a wonderful character, and I wish there h [...]

    13. Budding mystery writer Agatha joins her cousin Dash on an assignment from his Investigation Tech class which takes them to Egypt to solve the mystery of a theft of a piece from an archeological dig. This was fun, but ultimately rather forgettable. Agatha is smart and funny, Dash is smart and wellies hard. There's lots to like and lots that seems very stereotypical of this type of story: famous adventuring parents who are never home, the close relationship with the butler, world travel, etc. But [...]

    14. The Curse of the Pharaoh, the first book in the Agatha Girl of Mystery series, is cute, quick read. The story is just right for young mystery fans who like a hint of danger without any violence. The cartoon-like illustrations add a splash of fun, giving the book a "case-file" like feel. The characters are each unique and fun, and while the crime-solving techniques used seem a bit far-fetched, I don't think the intended audience will mind. The book is a translation from the original Italian text [...]

    15. Firstly I am disappointing by the English title "Agatha, Girl of Mystery"? Yet another attempt of sending a book towards one genre when I think this book is just as good for boys even if the main character is a girl - let's not forget she has an older cousin who is a boy and it is he that is trying to be a detective (Agatha is just better than him). I hope my little cousins are going to like this book. It is funny enough for them. There are a lot of name drops that they may not understand like B [...]

    16. Curse of the Pharaoh by Steve Stevenson is a good book. This book is about a girl named Agatha Mistery who goes to Egypt to the Valley of the Kings. She goes because archaeologists have found the tomb of a mysterious pharaoh. But the only problem is that the tablet that has the directions to the tomb has been stolen. So now Agatha has to find the tablet. I like this book because it is a mystery book and I like being surprised with clues. I recommend this book to anyone who likes books that have [...]

    17. This was a quaint, Nancy Drew-esque pick with some fun and quick mystery and adventure throughout. While I think many children will enjoy it, and I do love a quirky, smart, and capable protagonist, I always have a bit of trouble with this level of suspended disbelief. However, if you can look past the odd family dynamics, unlikely traveling abilities, and freedom allowed to these children, it is a great piece of fun. Note: Agatha is truly a mix between Cam Jansen and a young Nancy Drew. But it w [...]

    18. I'm disappointed. My son loves Hercule Poirot, Geronimo Stilton, and Encyclopedia Brown. I read this hoping to find a new series for him. While the mystery was decent enough, there were several things that bothered me. I don't like Agatha doing the majority of the work on her cousin's exam and lying to her parents. I also don't like the racist description of an Egyptian character. I will not be passing this along to my son.

    19. It's very confusing who this book is written for. It states that the reading and interest level is for a 7-10 year old and yet the ideas would be much too confusing for that age. There are also lots of names (Agatha included!) of famous detectives thrown in and I don't think little kids would get those either. I love mysteries that send the main characters to faraway places but this one doesn't do it for me.

    20. This is the first book in the Agatha, Girl of Mystery series, an adaptation of an Italian series. The narrative is a short, fun read, and Agatha is an adventurous, intelligent, and brave young sleuth. Our oldest liked this one and I expect that we'll be seeing more of Agatha in the future.

    21. Fun new adventure series starring Agatha Mistery, a young girl detective from a famous family of adventurers and detectives. Her first story takes the reader to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt to figure out who has stolen a recently discovered tablet that contains information on an undiscovered tomb. Fun characters and predicaments.

    22. An early chapter book (a step up from Easy Reader level) with simple sentences, short chapters and a fast-paced plot. Give to Magic Treehouse fans, though boys might not be able to get past the pink on the cover.

    23. I read this to my six year old daughter and I was disappointed. She didn't understand half of what was going on because the details were all too old for her. I love series book and mystery books but this is one series I won't be reading more of.

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