The Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt Regarded as one of the greatest Presidents of The United States Theodore Roosevelt led a full and vibrant life that reflected his storied personality and presence The Autobiography of Theod

  • Title: The Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Author: Theodore Roosevelt
  • ISBN: 9788180320521
  • Page: 212
  • Format: ebook
  • Regarded as one of the greatest Presidents of The United States, Theodore Roosevelt 1858 1919 led a full and vibrant life that reflected his storied personality and presence The Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt is an invaluable literary work and a true gift to readers, as it is a glimpse into the psyche of such an enigmatic historical figure Roosevelt led a life rRegarded as one of the greatest Presidents of The United States, Theodore Roosevelt 1858 1919 led a full and vibrant life that reflected his storied personality and presence The Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt is an invaluable literary work and a true gift to readers, as it is a glimpse into the psyche of such an enigmatic historical figure Roosevelt led a life rich in accomplishments not limited to his being the youngest president in US history He was a courageous soldier, posthumously receiving the Medal of Honor for his creation and leadership of the Rough Riders in Cuba during the Spanish American War He was also the first American to win a Nobel Peace prize, which he received for his negotiation of the end of the Russo Japanese War In addition, Roosevelt was an adventurer with a taste for hunting and exploring, especially in South America, where a river is named after him His iconic slogan, Speak softly and carry a big stick, is still quoted and embodied by politicians to this very day, exemplifying his indelible impact on the history of the United Statesazon gp search ref s

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    1. Theodore Roosevelt says:

      Theodore Roosevelt, Jr also known as T.R and to the public but never to friends and family as Teddy, was the twenty sixth President of the United States, and a leader of the Republican Party and of the Progressive Movement He became the youngest President in United States history at the age of 42 He served in many roles including Governor of New York, historian, naturalist, explorer, author, and soldier posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in 2001 for his role at the Battle of San Juan Hill in the Spanish American War Roosevelt is most famous for his personality his energy, his vast range of interests and achievements, his model of masculinity, and his cowboy persona.

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    1. This is a brilliant book, and Roosevelt creates a wonderful autobiography. This is required reading for most in the area of American History, begining of the 20th century, and late 19th century. This is wonderful primary source material.

    2. This book was ridiculously good. Roosevelt was a one-of-a-kind.I wish we had more like him. His 'speak softly and carry a big stick' rhetoric won him the reputation of a war monger but the fact is that in his 7 1/2 year term as president (he took over for McKinley when he was assassinated 6 months into his presidency), America was totally at peace and not one round was fired at an enemy.A couple of other interesting facts about TR: - He lived in Oyster Bay, Long Island. - He started life asthmat [...]

    3. "Whether in national or in private affairs it is ordinarily not advisable to make a bluff which cannot be put through."Many of us don't recognize the fourth person on Mount Rushmore. Many more, knowing only the caricature he's become, don't know why Teddy Roosevelt is there. Reading his autobiography helps bridge that gap. Roosevelt was a Progressive. We who see the world through the lens of Democrat or Republican will not readily understand what that means. In our terms, Roosevelt was a liberal [...]

    4. TR's autobiography suffers from two problems. First, the author has an exceptionally high opinion of himself and his causes, and never acknowledges the slightest possibility of error in principle even when he acknowledges that his opponents were equally high-minded men. As often as not, he lacks that acknowledgement, though, which leads to his autobiography being a series of moments where he describes his awesomeness as awesome stuff happens while he does awesome deeds because he is a man and me [...]

    5. After reading H.W. Brands’s biography on Theodore Roosevelt, I knew that I wasn’t done with him. I needed more. And who better to go to than the horse’s mouth? At first, I simply read some of his speeches and his account of the Rough Riders, but then I found his autobiography and decided to take a big bite.As writers go, Roosevelt is engaging. It’s comforting to be able to recognize his own style and know that you’re not dealing with a ghost writer. That brash, sincere, and self-aware [...]

    6. I was surprised at how well President Roosevelt wrote. With few exceptions, he kept my attention, and with good humor. Like most autobiographies, the book was partly a defense of his beliefs and actions. On periphery and personal character matters I agreed, but I was not convinced by his core political views, especially his "ends justify the means" defense of government overreach and his overstepping the constitutional limits of his office. But personally he appears to have been a courageous, li [...]

    7. This is an excellent volume. Roosevelt's autobiography is quite interesting, particularly how he describes his time out West as well as with the Rough Riders. It's also quite valuable because he gives an estimate of his own actions in office and defends them according to his principles. He does go into quite a bit of detail on several situations so it can be a bit dry reading at times. Included in this volume is "The Strenuous Life" a speech T. R. gave in Chicago. Absolutely fantastic and quite [...]

    8. One of my favorite people, not because he was President, we had many of them ; but because what he did with the office he held.In this book it explains his feelings on all types of issues and lets us see for ourselves how he was before his time. In this book it is also written how he respected nature and it is a great read so enjoy

    9. "Muito melhor é arriscar coisas grandiosas para ganhar vitórias gloriosas – mesmo que estampadas pelo fracasso – do que se alinhar com aqueles espíritos pobres que nem aproveitam muito nem sofrem muito, porque vivem em uma penumbra cinzenta que não conhece nem a vitória nem a derrota". (Theodore Roosevelt)

    10. More of a memoir than an autobiography. While Roosevelt was a genius and a work horse it seems he couldn't get past the self aggrandizing in his writing. The book is quite inspiring and well worth the read.

    11. I'm about halfway through this amazing book. So far it is an amazing tale. I can't wait until I can sit down and finish it.

    12. An amazing book. I listened to the audiobook from librivox/ It was well read. But now I do want to go back and read it from a book, take notes, highlight stuff. It has too many great quotes to miss out on. Loved listening to it. The book starts off with Roosevelt's early life experiences and references the American Civil War. I had never before read a book that talks about those experiences directly and of horse-drawn carriages. So it was an eye-opener right away. It goes through his life experi [...]

    13. I wasn't sure I would ever finish this. Teddy really needed a editor. One hundred word sentences tend to be hard to follow. Despite the wordy style the content was quite interesting, although, except for some childhood memories, it was devoid of family remembrances. He gave great descriptions of cattle drives in North Dakota, but said nothing about the family tragedies that drove him out there. His military and political careers are covered in great detail and, considering today's political mess [...]

    14. I have highlighted and saved more sections in this book than any previously. Theodore Roosevelt held high ideals, and he writes very persuasively about them. His ideals - about honest, fairness, justice, America's place as a great power, military might, globalism, environmentalism - are timely with our modern struggles and problems. Just as the industrial revolution and the technological advances of the beginning of the 20th century upended all aspects of society, such disarray can be found in t [...]

    15. I did not like this book and would only recommend it to someone who either wants to know why President Roosevelt made specific decisions or someone studying early 20th century American politics. That said, TR is one of my favorite characters in American history. Parts of this book were fascinating: his early life, his time on a ranch in Nebraska, his love of nature, and his contributions during the Spanish American War. The rest of the book is a long winded memoir where TR justifies his policy d [...]

    16. Theodore Roosevelt, in my opinion, was one of the best Presidents the United States has ever had. In his autobiography, he takes great care to detail key moments of his upbringing, which he believes molded him into a proper man, and suggests the importance of each event as valued knowledge to the American. Roosevelt believed it was his duty to treat the common man the same he would any captain of industry. Each page of his autobiography seems relevant today and will remain a timeless read as eac [...]

    17. A very interesting life. He grows up loving the outdoors, becomes a lawyer, enters politics, fights in wars, is a farmer, is a governer, is president etc. The amount of things Teddy gets up to is incredible. He sticks to his principles regardless of what others say about him. A really tough macho man who loves to read and cares about his family. What a guy, no wonder they put his face on a mountain.

    18. This book has changed how I view Teddy R and America. Seeing that things swing back and forth, that great people change this nation, suffer setbacks and that the forces of greed and abuse are never absent, but that there are always good and strong people out there that can and do reign them in makes me more hopeful about our country. An amazing read.

    19. A man for our timesMuch of what took place during Mr Roosevelt's term seems to me similar to the US presidential campaign for 2017-2020. I hope (soon to be) President Trump reads the book. I think he will find it invaluable.

    20. Learned a lot about this president, and liked what I learned/read. Different time in out nation's history; different writing style.

    21. BoringRoosevelt was a great man and one of our greatest Presidents. The book was very dry. Not one I would recommend. Move on to one with a different point of view.

    22. How remarkable that he was able to single-handedly solve all of the problems of American government!Seriously though, while bombastic at times, he was a fascinating person with great ideas.

    23. Interesting book to learn about Theodore Roosevelt. This book covered too much information if anything.

    24. Very informative & detailed history into one of my heroes. A true gentleman, statesman & adventurer. To see the life he lived unfolding on paper was amazing.

    25. It's difficult to even wrap my head around a man like Theodore Roosevelt. Here's a guy who went to Harvard, majored in Natural History (which I imagine is a bit akin to a modern-day Conservation Biology degree - feel free to correct me), wrote a book on Naval History, roped steers, punched out cowboys, etc. etc. It's difficult for me to imagine somebody with such a vigorous personality and I certainly haven't met anybody like him in my lifetime. It's even more difficult to imagine today a member [...]

    26. "While President I used to box with some of the aides as well as play singlestick with General Wood. After a few years I had to abandon boxing as well as wrestling for in one bout a young captain of artillery cross countered me on the eye and the blow smashed the little blood vessels. Fortunately it was my left eye but the sight has been dim ever since and if it had been the right eye I should have been entirely unable to shoot."This is kind of a strange book because Roosevelt is practically a c [...]

    27. This is a treasure for the ardent Roosevelt scholar, but for the casually interested reader it got a little long. His voice strikes me as a curious mix of Mark Twain and Donald Trump --- the vocabulary and verve of Twain with the self-importance of Trump. Though granted when you are Teddy Roosevelt a little self-importance is probably well warranted. To be honest, I was more interested in his discussion of family life and bird-watching than in his political life, so that is probably most of my p [...]

    28. I was surprised at how progressive this was considering he was a Republican politician from 100 years ago. I was also surprised at how little things have changed in the political machine over the last century (and gives me some perspective next time I hear a politician promising change.) I also thought he had a very balanced and progressive view on the military, workers rights, work-life balance and *gasp* socialism. It is an auto-biography, and he does talk very favourably of himself and his ac [...]

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