The Voyage of the Star Wolf The first work in David Gerrold s Star Wolf trilogy this tale pits the human members of the Star Wolf space vessel against the superhuman Morthan crew Captain Jonathan Korie hampered by the loss of

  • Title: The Voyage of the Star Wolf
  • Author: David Gerrold
  • ISBN: 9780553264661
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The first work in David Gerrold s Star Wolf trilogy, this tale pits the human members of the Star Wolf space vessel against the superhuman Morthan crew Captain Jonathan Korie, hampered by the loss of most of the human fleet to the Morthans and a nearly disabled ship of his own, faces the Morthan threat driven by the need for survival and the desire for revenge A classicThe first work in David Gerrold s Star Wolf trilogy, this tale pits the human members of the Star Wolf space vessel against the superhuman Morthan crew Captain Jonathan Korie, hampered by the loss of most of the human fleet to the Morthans and a nearly disabled ship of his own, faces the Morthan threat driven by the need for survival and the desire for revenge A classic of military science fiction, the Star Wolf trilogy combines rapid action with powerful studies of military character.

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    1. David Gerrold says:

      David Gerrold Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Voyage of the Star Wolf book, this is one of the most wanted David Gerrold author readers around the world.

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    1. We all have books that haunt us, right? Those books that, for one reason or another, float at the edge of our consciousness, that appear in our peripheral vision but don’t quite seem to register on a regular basis but once in awhile make an appearance, reminding us that they are still there and we have yet to read them?Voyage of the Star Wolf has been one of those books, and in a moment I will explain why. But first:The Silk Road Convoy has existed for a long time, having built itself up to be [...]

    2. I started this, then realized there was a prequel plus another related book, but I finally got back to it. Like Star Hunt (the prequel), Gerrold continues with his idea that spaceship battles would be more like submarine warfare than the fighter jets we're used to seeing. It's a great, very vivid and tense concept, and I liked it a lot.Where Star Hunt focused on the psychological state of the crew, Voyage of the Star Wolf uses that as a basic premise and then packs a lot more story and action ar [...]

    3. This is a fun space opera. Gerrold, perhaps best known for The Trouble With Tribbles is obviously a Science Fiction fan of all media. The book is loaded with puns and quotes from famous movies, TV and novels from the past. I suspect I missed many. The best, IMO, is his name for a new crew member, young, innocent, handsome Lieutenant JG, "Valentine Michael Jones" which I think is a hoot. Another is using interocitor parts to jury-rig a piece of equipment, shades of Metaluna! I want to re-read thi [...]

    4. I can't explain why I like this so much; it's written like (and by an author of) TV shows -- but it's just enjoyable, perfect escapist fluff, and delightful to do so. You have your near-human bad guys (with all the fun animalistic stuff thrown in), your tough-as-a-machine-in-more-ways-than-one captain, the idealistic-but-world-weary XO who can't decide if he wants a captaincy or not, the near-omniscient computer, and there's just enough background to make it a fun read without bogging anything d [...]

    5. Solid story with interesting characters. You can tell Mr. Gerrold knows a thing or two about writing a tale from the bridge of a spaceship. I will say I'm concerned that the Morthans will be "just powerful enough to almost always win except at the end" without ever really becoming a fleshed out people, but what's a bad-guy race for if not to be, well, bad-guys?Looking forward to the next book in the series.

    6. When I saw that the writer of this book was the writer of one of my favorite Star Trek episodes,"The Trouble With Tribbles", I knew it would be good. I wasn't disappointed. Fast-paced and keeps you guessing. It is a great read. I can't wait to read the other two books in this trilogy.

    7. The plot is layered with traps within traps. Science fiction, yes. Space opera, yes. But mostly a satisfying psychological thriller.

    8. Interesting take on starship life. The story I always heard was that it started life as a Trek script idea, morphing into an original tale.

    9. A friend suggested this book, and it turned out to be entertaining. It feels like pulp military sci-fi, and since Gerrold's background is Star Trek TOS (The Trouble With Tribbles) & TNG - you can immediately see references and character traits similar to Star Trek. The storyline was quick paced, and kept me engaged. There are no strong, developed female characters though - so it is definitely geared for guys.After reading this 1st novel of the Star Wolf trilogy, I'm eager to continue reading [...]

    10. The Voyage of the Star Wolf is an excellent scifi action adventure set within the confines of the Human and Morethan spheres of influence, after a significant military strike against the human interests we follow a lone badly damaged human starship (LS-1187) as it attempts to return to it's base and remained undetected from the superior forces that surround it. The consequences of this major engagement and this crew's actions reverberate throughout populated space and as tensions continue to ris [...]

    11. I’m not sure whether this book should be considered the first book in the Star Wolf series or the second. Many seem to consider it as the second but the “first” one is also considered to be a prequel. Personally I see this book as the first.It’s a good book. It is nothing spectacular but good. The story is okay although it would have been nice to get a wee bit more ship to ship action. I definitely like the new captain, the Star Wolf, which they are getting somewhere half way through the [...]

    12. This was originally known as "Voyage of the Star Wolf", a single book, which I read ages ago. Since it became a series, I have not continued. The original version was like Moby Dick in space. A later version came out, being the first book in the series, with more chapters added. It completely changed the original story, and I was not happy.*EDITI was mistaken. The original was "Voyage of the Star Wolf", and when he chose to make a series out of it, "Star Hunt" became a prequel. I was still more [...]

    13. Written by David Gerrold, who penned the famous original Star Trek episode, The Trouble with Tribbles, the novel is about a small starship, LS-1187, who is the sole survivor of a space convoy completely destroyed by the Morthan Solidarity; a race of genetically enhanced people. The crew, brought home by its executive officer when its original captain was killed in the attack, are demoralized and command of the ship is given to a hard, detail driven Captain Hardesty. Captain Hardesty restores the [...]

    14. The prologue about The Silk Road trading route was very promising; lots of interesting exposition about the State of the Universe as well as some nice, tense moments describing an inevitable conflict. Unfortunately, Gerrold lets all of that promise evaporate very early in the book by bogging the plot down with dated colloquialisms, irritating characters, and flimsy politics. Things never get back on track and by the time the gratuitous and hilarious sex scene arrived, I was ready to move on to s [...]

    15. Classic sciecne fiction in the best sense of the word. Had it not been written over 20 years ago it could be the lead publication in Neal Stephenson's Hieroglyph projecct promoting sf that brings a positive view to the use of technology in resolving problems. I have not read much Gerrold besides When Harlie was One and his Star Trek books. That seems to have been a mistake. Reading this book put me in the mindset I often found myself in when reading the truly great, e.g. Asimov, Heinlein, early [...]

    16. It's written really well, and it's not your typical 'single ship defeats wave after wave of enemy ships' scenario. It's also not terribly exciting and the characters seem to lack some development. I do like the fact that HARLIE, the articifical intelligence from Gerrold's book "When HARLIE Was One", is one of the characters. 73/100

    17. A bit too much like his other books, especially since a main character doesn't get his due for political reasons. Interesting for the mention of "Chtorran". Good, but not especially unique. Edit: I re-read this review a few months later and found that I could barely remember reading the book. Not a good sign.

    18. Fun space opera, works as a kind of anti-Star Trek in that the ship is an underdog, not the flagship, etc. But on the other hand, if you don't at least kind of like Star Trek, you probably won't like this.

    19. I loved this "space opera" novel. This novel had me hooked from beginning to end. I loved the story. The characters were engaging. Nobody took stupid pills.Now I need to read Gerrold's War Against the Chtorr series.

    20. Decent scifi B-movie vibe. Characters are all archetypical with little development, but well-written. There are actually quite a few interesting ideas surrounding transhumanism here, but they don't get much play.

    21. I started out really good with a crew bring back a damaged ship to port. Then it got stupid when the author added a cyborg captain named "Star Wolf", Worf from star trek (but a catman), and a bunch of blue sex pot aliens.

    22. Up to Gerrold's HIGH standards though not his absolute best.Thought-provoking and enjoyable while being a good space operatic romp in the vacuum.

    23. The opening sequences in which the craft is damaged and loses its internal gravity, and the effects on its crew are pretty terrifying

    24. Gerrold creates a complete and fascinating future space-traveling world. But his characters are what keeps me reading his books. So good.

    25. Gerrold has a great imagination and his universes are always interesting and original to the point of, "Wow".

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