The Bones Will Speak Forensic artist Gwen Marcey has become the target of a serial killer who believes he s been appointed God s executioner In Copper Creek Montana Gwen Marcey is struggling to put together her life aft

  • Title: The Bones Will Speak
  • Author: Carrie Stuart Parks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Forensic artist Gwen Marcey has become the target of a serial killer who believes he s been appointed God s executioner In Copper Creek, Montana, Gwen Marcey is struggling to put together her life after cancer and divorce When her dog retrieves a skull of a murder victim and leads her to the victim s grave, Gwen uses her forensic art ability to identify a serial killerForensic artist Gwen Marcey has become the target of a serial killer who believes he s been appointed God s executioner In Copper Creek, Montana, Gwen Marcey is struggling to put together her life after cancer and divorce When her dog retrieves a skull of a murder victim and leads her to the victim s grave, Gwen uses her forensic art ability to identify a serial killer She is horrified to discover all the victims look like her fourteen year old daughter The murderer is a lone wolf, a member of the terrorist group Phineas Priesthood and he has a score to settle with Gwen Unraveling the tangled Christian Identity movement, where race not grace provides salvation, Gwen is in a frantic rush against time She must use all her skills to uncover the killer before he can carry out his threat to destroy her and everyone she loves.

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    1. Carrie Stuart Parks says:

      Carrie Stuart Parks is Christy, Carol, and Inspy award winning author, an award winning fine artist, and internationally known forensic artist Along with her husband, Rick, she travels across the US and Canada teaching courses in forensic art to law enforcement as well as civilian participants She has won numerous awards for career excellence Carrie is a popular platform speaker, presenting a variety of topics from crime to creativity.

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    1. I've been reading a bunch of thrillers latelye they are awesome.This one fell in the not so awesome category for me though. I usually read pretty fast but it feels like I've been reading this one forever.Gwen Marcey is a forensic artist who has recently taken a break from everything due to recovering from breast cancer, a recent divorce and it gets alluded to that she had someone try and kill her. (Probably in book one since this is a series)Her dog brings home a human skull one day and she foll [...]

    2. Once again, I tore through this book. Once again, I couldn't have predicted many of the twists. Once again, I learned something new. Somewhat gritty, but not graphic, this is a series I would recommend to all my mystery-reading friends. Now, on to the next in the series!

    3. This is book number two of the Gwen Marcey’s series. Gwen is a forensic artist who’s recovering from a divorce and from cancer. When Gwen’s dog finds a skull of a murder victim, Gwen uses her forensic knowledge and sets out to solve the crime. I really enjoyed this story. The Bones Will Speak is an exciting, fast-paced thriller full of twists and surprises. I didn’t read book one in the series, but I thought this book stood on its own. The parts I really liked about this book was the emp [...]

    4. This was my first read by this author and it most definitely will not be my last! This was an excellent mystery/suspense novel! I had never read a book about a forensic artist before and I found Gwen's profession to be quite fascinating, especially knowing that the author is a forensic artist herself so she wrote a lot from personal experience. I really liked all the characters, but I think perhaps Gwen's friend Beth--with her love if all things purple and penchant for using uncommon words--was [...]

    5. I have to mention again how much I love Gwen Marcey - she's just such a great character! Her fascinating career, her honesty about the realities of breast cancer aftermath, her almost-snarky wit, her feistiness, her "realness" with God and with her ex and with her daughter and best friend. All of it just gets better with each new book. In The Bones Will Speak, Gwen is up against a neo-Nazi group and trying to figure out how and why a past case has come back to haunt her. High-stakes tension, fas [...]

    6. In the author's sophomore novel, the writing was tighter and the suspense much more intense than in her debut.The Bones Will Speak is the second book of the Gwen Marcey series. In this novel, Gwen becomes the intended victim. She uses her skill with forensics to help solve the case. I didn't guess who the villain was and pages were turning to see what would happen next. I look forward to the next novel in the series.

    7. Hooray! Got this in a giveaway. I'd been thinking about buying it and got home from a death in the family to find it waiting in my mailbox. :) Now to add it to my reading schedule

    8. In this second in this series, Gwen Marcey is lured to a vacant cabin not far from her house, only to discover a teenage girl, tied and beaten, who looks very much like her own 14 year old daughter. Gwen and law enforcement learn that the girl had been abducted, and soon discover other bodies near by, and realize they are on the trail of a serial murderer, who for some reason has let this latest victim live. Gwen soon realizes that she herself is the target of this killer's plans, although not w [...]

    9. First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Carrie Stuart Parks, and Thomas Nelson for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.Without having read Parks' previous novel, I felt unsure how to approach this second book in the series. Gwen Marcey is a forensic artist, working piecemeal for the local sheriff , but is unable to make ends meet. While out with her dog, they discover a skull and eventually a body that bears an uncanny resemblance to [...]

    10. 4.5 stars!!! My heart is still pumping too fast as I just finished reading this book. Wow!!! Carrie Stuart Parks certainly just took me on one helluva journey. A serial killer who is killing girls that resemble Gwen's (the main character) daughter is just part of the action going on here. My first suspect, while he was squirrelly enough, was WRONG! As well as my second. You just don't see this ending coming. And the ending? For those weak of heart, put on your blood pressure monitor and definite [...]

    11. Love, love, loved this book. I found it really hard to put down and really enjoyed it. Been a while since I read such a good page turner, I couldn't wait to get to the end and then felt sad when I got there as I'd finished the book! I really liked Gwen's character and back story and I think it helped give the story the body it needed to flow. I guessed twice who was responsible and got it wroth boths - that doesn't normally happen for me, so I enjoyed it all the more. A fab read. I received a co [...]

    12. Title: The Bones Will Speak (Gwen Marcey #2)Author: Carrie Stuart ParksPages: 327Year: 2015Publisher: Thomas NelsonGwen Marcey is back to stretching every dollar and looking for a job as the county law enforcement agency jobs have dried up. She discovers another forensic artist has taken all the jobs and Gwen is hot under the collar over that! She lets her dog out for a walk and he brings back a grisly trophy. The next day, Gwen tries to find out where he made his find and he leads her to a near [...]

    13. ***Suspenseful & chilling 'clean read' mystery demands to be read in 1 sitting***In The Bones Will Speak, book two in the "Gwen Marcey" suspense series, the author uses both fact and fiction to pen a riveting account of a man "with a penchant for torture." The faith-based fiction story features murder, a serial killer, a lovable dog named Winston, a forensic artist named Gwen, her best friend Beth and Gwen's fourteen-year-old daughter Aynslee. The serial killer, who believes he's God's execu [...]

    14. The Bones Will Speak is a chilling suspense novel with an unraveling plot surrounded around Gwen Marcey, a forensics artist with an enemy. The discovery of a skull leading to the discovery of even more bones, re-opens a years-closed case that turns out more complicated and deadly than originally thought. The attacks and murders of several girls who bear a chilling resemblance to Gwen’s daughter, Aynslee, make the case personal for Gwen, sinking her deeper and deeper into the danger. The Bones [...]

    15. This book is an absolute page turner. Carrie Stuart Parks has quickly developed a style that goes deep into a story with multiple plot lines intersecting throughout the pages. This style makes it incredibly hard to put it down. Where the first book dove into a what if regarding Mormon history, this one dives into the neo-Nazi world with a serial killer who seems to be stalking Gwen Marcey. He's planted evidence close to her home and takes her on a scary ride that is intense and filled with suspe [...]

    16. I had the luxury of reading this while on vacation, so was able to finish it in one sitting. The book started off with a bang and never stopped moving. I like Gwen Marcey as a protagonist. She is down-to-earth, realistic, and an interesting mix of bravery and insecurities. I enjoyed following the clues to try to determine the identity of the killer. The message of salvation, and the themes of grace and forgiveness are effectively worked into the story without hitting the reader over the head. Th [...]

    17. Exciting plot with a cast of unique characters. There is a layer of Christian theme but it fits in with the character development in a reasonable, non-proselytizing fashion.

    18. A page turner that is totally different than any from the genre of thriller that I have read. Excellent read and strong characters.

    19. 4.5 starsAfter reading and loving the first in the Gwen Marcey (*Christian crime fiction) series this past January, and shortly thereafter hearing a sequel was due for publication just a few months after that, that sequel quickly became one of my most anticipated reads for this year! I was so pumped when an opportunity came around for me to grab a copy of this one :-)Just as in the first book, The Bones Will Speak is inspired by Parks' own true-life experiences as a forensic artist. In her autho [...]

    20. These Gwen Marcey stories are very good light reads. She gets herself into and out of situations but they are always fun to read.

    21. Book Two in the Gwen Marcey Series, The Bones Will Speak, is a page turning, edge of your seat, nail-biting intense suspense filled story. I love the unique way Ms. Parks writes in both first person and third person. In her gifted storytelling skill, she weaves together a great book, keeping the reader fully engaged from page one until the very end. Gwen is a strong and talented woman who can never seem to catch a break. She doesn’t wallow in self-pity though, she’s tough and taking care of [...]

    22. II love books that have a synopsis that mentions a serial killer. I know that sounds morbid, but that means that the body count will be high and that there should be plenty of action written in the story to capture my attention. In Carrie Stuart Parks second novel, The Bones Will Speak, Parks does exactly what I wanted. She is a great fit for the suspense genre. Since Gwen Marcey is a forensics expert who reconstructs faces from the victim’s memory or from a skull, the story gripped my attenti [...]

    23. I first learned of Carrie Stuart Parks from all the positive buzz her debut novel, A Cry from The Dust, garnered. That book was a hit with me, so I jumped at the chance her publisher offered to read and review book 2 in the Gwen Marcey series, The Bones Will Speak. In Gwen, Parks has created the ideal character — smart, gutsy, flawed and vulnerable. This one merits a highly recommended read from me.A year has passed since Gwen’s deadly encounter with a home-grown terrorist group. Stronger ph [...]

    24. The Bones Will Speak by Carrie Stuart Parks is the second Gwen Marcey Novel. Gwen Marcey lives with her daughter, Aynslee in Copper Creek, Montana. Gwen is a forensic artist. She also does paintings as well. Due to budget cuts (within city and county governments), Gwen is only getting jobs on an as-needed basis. Gwen is walking her dog, Winston. Winston brings her a skull full of bugs (and Gwen cannot stand bugs). Gwen immediately calls Sheriff Dave Moore. He asks Gwen to recreate the face from [...]

    25. Things start off rapidly when Gwen Marcey’s dog brings home a human skull. The pace doesn’t slow down all through the book so you’ll need to be prepared for a fast and furious ride through this suspenseful thriller.There is someone on the loose who is killing victims that look a lot like Gwen’s daughter. But he doesn’t just kill them – first he tortures them.It’s obvious from reading the author’s bio that she writes what she knows as a lot of her own background is in the book. Th [...]

    26. I don't want to sound over zealous but The Bones Will Speak was outstanding. I started it in morning and I was done by evening. I had not read her first Gwen Marcy mystery but it was not necessary.The main character, Gwen Marcey, is a renowned forensic artist but has lost a lot of work due to a year off post mastectomies and chemo. She is a strong, intelligent and resourceful woman who has a mysterious past that is alluded to but no details are ever mentioned. Gwen is also very angry about her d [...]

    27. "The Bones Will Speak" is a Christian suspense novel. This is the second book in a series. This book didn't spoil the previous mystery, but I'd recommend starting with that one. I didn't always understand why Gwen and her daughter acted like they did, and the first book might have helped flesh that out.Gwen was resourceful, but she deeply resented her ex-husband and that effected her judgment (and her driving) at times. Her best friend urged her to forgive her husband so she could heal. Gwen's d [...]

    28. A Forensic Artist Stalked by a Serial KillerGwen Marcey, a forensic artist, spots her dog, Winston, digging in her yard. She races from the house to make him stop. When he relinquishes his prize, she's shocked to discover that it's a human skull with a bullet hole in it. Relying on her artistic sense and forensic skill, she decides it's the skull of a young girl. The local sheriff isn't sure, but when Gwen and Winston find the rest of the body, he knows he has a problem on his hands.Finding the [...]

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