Blood Salt Water Salt water lifts blood Only salt water Loch Lomond is a mile deep but the woman s body surfaced anyway Found bludgeoned and dumped in the water she now haunts Iain Fraser the man who put her there S

  • Title: Blood Salt Water
  • Author: Denise Mina
  • ISBN: 9780316380546
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Salt water lifts blood Only salt water.Loch Lomond is a mile deep but the woman s body surfaced anyway.Found bludgeoned and dumped in the water, she now haunts Iain Fraser, the man who put her there She trusted him and now that misplaced trust is gnawing through Iain s chest He thinks it will kill him.Nearby Helensburgh is an idyllic Victorian town One time home to a qSalt water lifts blood Only salt water.Loch Lomond is a mile deep but the woman s body surfaced anyway.Found bludgeoned and dumped in the water, she now haunts Iain Fraser, the man who put her there She trusted him and now that misplaced trust is gnawing through Iain s chest He thinks it will kill him.Nearby Helensburgh is an idyllic Victorian town One time home to a quarter of all the millionaires in Britain, it is quaint, sleepy and chocolate box pretty But the real town is shot through with deception, lies and vested interests.As tensions rise and the police seek a killer, the conflicts that lurk beneath Helensburgh s calm waters threaten to explode.All Iain Fraser has to do is keep on lying.

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    1. Denise Mina says:

      Denise Mina was born in Glasgow in 1966 Because of her father s job as an Engineer, the family followed the north sea oil boom of the seventies around EuropeShe left school at sixteen and did a number of poorly paid jobs, including working in a meat factory, as a bar maid, kitchen porter and cook.Eventually she settled in auxiliary nursing for geriatric and terminal care patients.At twenty one she passed exams, got into study Law at Glasgow University and went on to research a PhD thesis at Strathclyde University on the ascription of mental illness to female offenders, teaching criminology and criminal law in the mean time.Misusing her grant she stayed at home and wrote a novel, Garnethill when she was supposed to be studying instead.

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    1. If you're looking for something different in the criminal mystery genre, not wanting to read about a procession of grisly crimes committed by serial killers, but a humanistic story about mostly average people caught up in circumstances that lead them astray, then you've come to the right place with this series. What makes it different is the amount of time spent on the criminals and their development as characters, the reader seeing things through their eyes in alternating chapters. The author t [...]

    2. I really liked Blood, Salt, Water. It absorbed me to the point where I was thinking about the plot and characters even when I wasn't reading. I woke at 4 am wondering just what Susan was really up to, had to turn on the light and finish it!Roxanna has disappeared. She's left her partner and her two children and simply vanished.The body that is found floating in the loch isn't hers.Susan Grierson has reappeared after many years away, apparently to settle her mother's estate. But her mother died t [...]

    3. Iain Fraser hadn’t wanted to be there – but a debt had had to be paid. The result for him was intense feelings of guilt which he couldn’t shake. Even when his old teacher Miss Grierson, whom he hadn’t seen in decades, bumped into him, he couldn’t raise any enthusiasm to have a lengthy discussion with her. Miss Grierson had just returned to Scotland from where she had lived overseas – it seemed all the “old timers” were returning home. But her mother had recently passed and she ne [...]

    4. One thing I always say about Denise Mina is that she does not write the typical mystery or crime thriller. What she presents is so much more and this book, a compelling and tightly written exploration of the criminal psyche, is no exception. The reader gets to follow both criminal and police points of view and believe it or not, it becomes difficult not to sympathize with the bad guy. Or at least with one in particular. Is a man who commits murder and feels his victim clawing at his insides whil [...]

    5. Stayed up late to finish this one.Denise Mina writes a engrossing thriller every time. The characters are drawn ruthlessly true and emotionally naked. There is no sugar-coated, warm-fuzzy pleasantness. This is the fifth in a series featuring DI Alex Morrow and they have all shown a grim Glasgow and people hardened enough to face it. Excellent series.

    6. Detective Sergeant Alex Morrow has been featured in five books by Denise Mina. This was the last (so far) and was published in 2015. Mina is a diverse writer and her works have included novels, plays, radio plays, comics, and graphic novels. Alex Morrow is a wonderfully complex character and it has been interesting to follow her progress through all five books. She's a detective in a smaller city in Scotland. She has an "anger management" problem and an authority issue. By this book she is marr [...]

    7. I haven't read a book by Denise Mina since her novel, The Field of Blood, which was the first in her Paddy Meehan trilogy. I really enjoyed that book and don't know why I haven't read the rest of the trilogy, yet alone any of her other books, I just never seemed to get around to it. Which leads me to Blood, Salt, Water, which is her latest. And wow! What a read! This is apparently the fifth featuring her protagonist Alex Morrow and on the strength of this I might have to go back and read the oth [...]

    8. The title of the book is based on the musings of a murderer who remembers being told that you can't get blood out with just water, you need salt and water to do it. DI Alex Morrow is involved in a program that is keeping an eye on an exotic beauty who has made a recent move to Glasgow to run an insurance business. When she disappears, her young son calls the police. Morrow traces her back to a small town where secrets are closely kept: a woman whose mother had died two years before comes back to [...]

    9. Nobody writes a better mystery than Denise Mina. Her villains are complex and nuanced and not so very different than the police investigating their crimes. Atmospheric, believable and full of surprises, I slowed down to savour this novel. Alex Morrow, mother of twins, has a very complex case on her hands. What begins with a missing person, soon encompasses murders, money laundering and mafia-like gangs to deal with. From the surveillance footage to the two grannies, I wouldn't have missed a minu [...]

    10. Yet again ANOTHER superb thriller from Mina. For first time readers, do not hesitate to pick this one up and begin what will be the first of MANY great adventures you find from Ms Mina. Her characters are multi-dimensional real people, some often thrown into bizarre circumstances; and you will have a hard time putting her books down. Scotland is her home and she writes about it with crisp prose laced with wit and acid. Mina shows the good and bad of her homeland in all of her works that I have r [...]

    11. This is the first of Denise Mina's crime novels I've read. Alex Morrow is an interestingly taciturn main character whose family life is relevant to the plot but not over intrusive. The Hellensburgh setting is vividly described and the background of the Scottish independence referendum campaign provides added interest and topicality. My problem with the novel is that I found the plot too convoluted. Mina's is undoubtedly a very good writer but I feel that, in this novel, the narrative loses momen [...]

    12. Chose this book to get a flavor of Scotlande.g. disposal of a body in Loch Lomond. What could be better, eh? This was complex in the number of characters, scenes, criminal plots and then politics and philosophies in the mix. I did not care for it, but perhaps it requires reading the four books of the series before this one.

    13. Denise Mina’s Blood, Salt, Water (2015) is a crime thriller with female Police Scotland Detective Inspector (DI) Alex Morrow in the lead. It begins with the contract murder of (we think) Roxanna Fuentacilla, a young mother who has irritated the Glasgow crime bosses. Roxanna, a Columbian, is the manager of a company (Injury Claims for U) that specializes in processing insurance claims; the company is owned by Juan Pinzón Arias, a wealthy Columbian with more money than he can explain. Police Sc [...]

    14. "Lucy and Morrow smiled at each other, not warmly, just an acknowledgement that they were both there and both human."I love Blood, Salt, Water (2015). Denise Mina's outstanding prose still holds its own against even the most accomplished "real" literature. The unremarkable The Red Road was just a temporary failure and Ms. Mina is back to the brilliance of The End of the Wasp Season andGods and Beasts.Although the novel begins with the brutal murder of a woman on the Loch Lomond dunes, this murde [...]

    15. Mina doesn't take the easy way out with her characters - black and white do merge into shades of grey and Mina casts an unflinching eye on their behaviours and motivations. That said, DI Morrow was well drawn, as was her relationship with her jailed brother and her professional interactions, but some of the other characters were a bit pale. The most sympathetic character in the book, for me, was a murderer. Impeccable character creation. [I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest [...]

    16. Just couldn't get to grips with this. I enjoyed the others in this series but I just couldn't connect with this one. The first chapter was ok as far as it goes but I don't really enjoy the murder and murderers being revealed in chapter one. Then it got really convoluted and messily political. Sorry not for me.

    17. Finding books that hold my attention has been difficult lately so when I find a series that works I stick with it. My only problem with these books is that my philosophy on profanity differs from the author's significantly. My problem, not the author's. Her writing is consistently excellent: the Glascow setting, the precisely honed characters, and the complex plots are completely immersive.

    18. Blood, Salt, Water is the fifth installment in Denise Mina’s series featuring Glasgow police detective Alex Morrow. Normally, by the fourth or fifth in a mystery series, the work begins to fray around the edges. Certain habits develop and repeat, the featured detective cuts her hair with a nail scissors for the umpteenth time and you know a great character has been drained of life. That is not so with Denise Mina and her Alex Morrow series. In fact, each installment takes her farther and farth [...]

    19. From the publisher: A wealthy businesswoman disappears from her Glasgow home without a trace, leaving her husbandand children panicked but strangely resistant to questioning. Tracing the woman’s cell phone records, police detective Alex Morrow discovers a call made from an unlikely location. A sleepy seaside community, Helensburgh is the last place you’d go looking for violence. But Morrow’s investigation uncovers disturbing clues and a dead body in a nearby lake. When a connection to some [...]

    20. God I love this writer. Her stories and characters are like life — multi-layered, simultaneously or alternating between unexpected and predictable, likeable and appalling, and everything in between. And the writing—! She employs the whole range: raw, rough, smooth, mellifluous (she actually uses once the word "immellifluous," and it is, astonishingly, just the right word, right there), and beautiful. One sentence that contains "lazy notes of yesterday" — probably not quoted quite right; co [...]

    21. Unflinching, taut and masterfully plotted, Blood, Salt, Water is the brilliant fifth novel in the Alex Morrow series from two-time Theakston's Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award–winning author Denise MinaDI Alex Morrow and her team have been shadowing a woman suspected of being involved in a large drug-smuggling and money-laundering operation. Roxanna Fuentecilla recently moved from London to Glasgow under suspicious circumstances, and Morrow's bosses want all the glory when she's fina [...]

    22. Another great thriller from the never disappointing Denise Mina. No. 5 in the Alex Morrow series is a quite convoluted and complicated story. At the same time as I really appreciated that and thought it brought a nice sense of mystery, it did slow the pace at some places and also brought the need for some long explanations that stalled the narrative. This is the reason - the only reason - for the missing star. The best part without a doubt is the fantastic characters. Including Morrow herself, t [...]

    23. I'm a big Denise Mina fan - she always captures a particular Scottish setting (this time a smaller town and a posh golf course gated environment as well as Glasgow) impeccably. But this is perhaps not the best one in the series: some of the motivations seem a little forced to me. There were some characters who had the potential to become interesting but were not given quite enough room to develop. And Alex Morrow's family life was almost completely missing - which is better than just having a ra [...]

    24. I remain a staunch Mina fan, but like Gods and Beasts this one left me kind of turned around. I had a hard time keeping two of the characters straight (to be fair, they have the same last name) and got confused by the overlapping secondary characters in their storylines. But Morrow's line stayed through and as always was everything I like about this series. I have to admit, part of this may also be my fault because I took about a week's break between starting the book and finishing it.

    25. I could not finish this book. It wasn't terrible or poorly written but I just did not care about the characters. I wanted so badly to like Alex Morrow but she seemed flat to me - so sad bc so much potential. The mystery - such as it was- was not engaging. This book got a very solid review from the times (Marilyn stasio) but I never really got into it.

    26. I interviewed Denise Mina about BLOOD SALT WATER for the "Los Angeles Review of Books": lareviewofbooks/article/l

    27. I really did enjoy this book but it was one of THE most disappointing endings to a story I’ve ever read! Who the hell killed Roxanna? Why did Abigail Gomez (aka Susan Grierson) become involved at all? How did she know the real Susan Grierson’s family? I know Bob Ashe (the guy who originally owned the ins co Roxanna took over) was the real Susan’s father in law, and that she was dead, but WHY her (Abigail Gomez)? Who is she to everyone? Including Roxanna’s estranged husband? Was she his g [...]

    28. I think this may be Denise Mina's best crime novel up through 2015. The plot was intricate, very twisty, and the characters consistent in personality yet puzzling in motive and background. "I didn't see it coming" right away (the ID of the killer - one of them, anyhow!) and I definitely was in page-turning mode right from the start. A bit grisly in the beginning but I made it through that. I have grown to feel like Detective Alex Morrow is one of my girlfriends, besides. Sharp thinker which is t [...]

    29. As always, a quick-moving read that flies by as DI Alex Morrow gets thrown into another twisted plot. It starts out simply enough--a Spanish woman suspected of major fraud, smuggling and drug dealing whom Alex's unit has had under surveillance gives them the slip and disappears. It's not long before Alex and her team begin to think that someone has actually caused her to disappear, and not willingly. Their case leads them to a small village outside of Glasgow proper where nothing is quite what i [...]

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