A Pigeon s Tale Walter is a homing pigeon living with his parents in a rancher s coop when a deranged wildcat attacks and sends them scrambling for their lives Barely escaping with his life Walter finds himself in a

  • Title: A Pigeon's Tale
  • Author: S.A. Mahan Deborah Mahan Walter Pigeon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Walter is a homing pigeon living with his parents in a rancher s coop when a deranged wildcat attacks and sends them scrambling for their lives Barely escaping with his life, Walter finds himself in a city where kindly street pigeons teach him about language, philosophy, and politics.A venture south to find a human family for the winter sees him face desperate perilWalter is a homing pigeon living with his parents in a rancher s coop when a deranged wildcat attacks and sends them scrambling for their lives Barely escaping with his life, Walter finds himself in a city where kindly street pigeons teach him about language, philosophy, and politics.A venture south to find a human family for the winter sees him face desperate peril as a flock of snow geese help him finish the journey Finding solace in a dorm room with two young college students, Walter heads home with one of them to a ranch in Texas where he is adopted by the close knit family and their quirky pets.Walter forms a quick bond with the scientist grandfather who spends every day with Walter, working on a project in a mysterious tiny shack behind the house This secret work soon becomes the center of Walter s life and his fate when he is thrust into an epic struggle for survival against cosmic forces that threaten to destroy the world.For fans of WATERSHIP DOWN and THE SECRET OF NIMH, A PIGEON S TALE is a mind bending sci fi adventure tale about friendship, loyalty, and destiny.

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    1. S.A. Mahan Deborah Mahan Walter Pigeon says:

      S.A MAHAN lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband of thirty nine years She has three children and six grandchildren and is a fiber artist and an avid outdoorswoman CHRISSIE S RUN was a 2014 Dante Rosetti finalist, and is a finalist in the 2015 Kindle Book Awards for Young Adult fiction THE BABY SEA TURTLE was a finalist in the 2015 Colorado Book Awards and won a Bronze Medal in the Readers Favorite Book Awards for the Children s Book category She is really excited about her latest book, A Pigeon s Tale, which has already received a Blue Ink Star Review and has been chosen as a Blue Ink Best Book of 2016 It is a wonderful story for mid grade to adult readers.

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    1. Walter is no ordinary pigeon. A direct descendant from the great war hero Cher Ami, he knows he is destined for greatness from the moment he flees his coop to escape from a dangerous wild cat. Now in the “wild”, Walter must team up with the more experienced birds to learn how to survive.As winter fast approaches, Walter must find a human family to care for him- and as luck would have it, he finds the very best human for the job in a young college student named Kenny. But is it luck, or somet [...]

    2. I read this book out loud to my third grade students. While they were on the young side to read it independently, the complexity of the book prompted many thought provoking discussions. The students were completely mesmerized and begged to hear it everyday! This is the review they wrote: Do you like birds, adventure and science fiction? Then A Pigeon’s Tale by S. A. Mahan is the book for you. It is about a pigeon named Walter who tries to save the world from a terrible storm. It was amazing. I [...]

    3. In this fanciful story, Walter, an elderly pigeon recalls the major events of his life. S. A. Mahon has stepped outside herself and thought about the adventure and peril a pigeon would face on a daily bases. She has carefully woven interesting facts about what the life of a pigeon would be like in her novel, A Pigeon’s Tale.Walter loses his family before he was even old enough to live on his own. Fate carried him to town where he meets Old Dude who instructs him in the fundamentals that his pa [...]

    4. I do not know what beat harder, my heart or my wings as I struggled up into the night sky.'Colorado author S. A. Mahan writes about what she lives - a part of nature in the mountains of Colorado. She raises alpacas, enjoys the fiber arts, and is an avid outdoorswoman, hiking the Rocky Mountain trails gathering ideas for her stories. A wife, mother and grandmother, she believes that `every human life is infinitely valuable, born or unborn, and worth fighting for, that we must listen to God or los [...]

    5. Now this is an interesting one. A Pigeon's Tale by S. A. Mahan is the story of a pigeon who goes on a most unusual adventure. The story begins with the pigeon in question letting us know that he is hundreds of years old. Knowing that pigeons really don't have that long of a life span, the reader is then able to figure out that something really amazing is going to happen to this pigeon. The pigeon then starts his story on a farm in his distant past. One night, a wildcats attacked the pigeon coup [...]

    6. A Pigeon’s Tale ISBN: 9781514136539, Gross Mountain Press, e-book by S. A. Mahan.Plot: A young Homing Pigeon is the only escapee from invasion of the flock’s roost by a wildcat. He barely makes it to town where he joins a group of ‘ordinary’ pigeons on the telephone wires. Here he is taken almost literally under the wing of wily ‘Old Dude’ who, through his knowledge shared by all birds, is aware of the yearling’s heritage and gradually teaches him basic survival tactics along with [...]

    7. As the name suggests, humans are not all that important in this story, because the characters are pigeons. The main character goes by a number of names throughout the story, so you can take your pick on what you want to call him. This concept was something I had to get used to, but then I came to enjoy it. The things that birds go through day to day are a little bit different than what humans do, even if some of the things in this book were a bit fictionalized. You are still able to see what the [...]

    8. In this endearing, quasi-science-fiction book for older children – and their parents – a young pigeon must grow up fast to fulfill his destiny.The story is told from the point of view of an 800-year-old pigeon named Walter, who is pecking out his life’s story, from his early years living happily with his family in a pigeon coop to his role in saving the world during a natural disaster. Because Walter is remarkably intelligent and descended from a noble line of pigeons, he is able to commun [...]

    9. This young adult tale of a pigeon’s journey from his home to a new one and the dangers he faces even beyond is aimed at older children and teenagers. I think the author did a fantastic job in showcasing each birds’ differences and how they use their unique skills to help Walter our pigeon along his way. Walter himself has an exceptional talent himself: he can communicate with humans. He uses this skill to help figure out what Grandfather is building in the barn, why he is building it and wha [...]

    10. Alright, I’m just going to say it: This book is nuts. But in a good way! In order to understand how crazy this is, scroll up and read the description again, but read it outloud, and say it as if you’re a hyperactive nine-year old, and take out all punctuation, and don’t actually yell it outloud, but say it in a voice loud enough to where your mother would tell you to use your inside voice. DOESN’T THAT SOUND CRAZY!? And that is exactly why I enjoyed this book as much as I did.I can’t f [...]

    11. Walter, a young pigeon, is thrust into a world filled with danger and excitement after fleeing his family nest which is attacked by a wildcat. Following his traumatic departure he finds friendship and support from a flock of city dwelling pigeons. Walter befriends a mentor, named Old Dude, who helps him learn to read (and eventually type), allowing him to talk to humans. When threat of a cataclysmic event arises Walter becomes a critical part of the solution to the world's imminent demise. Reade [...]

    12. An epic tale told by a valiant pigeonPigeons are not often the subject of praise - they are more often referred to as flying vermin. The author of this book points out that in fact “Pound for pound, Columbia livia (the pigeon) is one of the smartest, most physically adept creatures in the animal kingdom.” It is a very intelligent pigeon who is the hero of this book. He learns how to communicate with humans and is on hand to help humanity as it struggles to survive an apocalyptic event. Walte [...]

    13. Walter, a pigeon, finds out he is from a line of very famous and brave pigeons. He goes on a series of adventures and eventually meets up with an incredibly intelligent scientist named Grandpa. This meeting was his destiny. Grandpa and Walter work together on a century's long plan to save the world!Opinion: This is the most original story I have read in a while!The title, ​A Pigeon's Tale, is perfect since it's a tale told by a pigeon named Walter. Some of the vocabulary and science terms were [...]

    14. I note that the author of this book specialises in stories for children and young adults but, make no mistake, this is a book that will appeal to adults too. It is a beautifully written story about the life of a very special pigeon. Squeaker loses his family and friends to a wild cat attack and must find his way alone as a very tiny hatchling. What keeps him going is the knowledge that he is descended from a valiant homing pigeon, called Cher Ami, whose brave actions saved the lives of many Amer [...]

    15. Fiction. Fantasy. History. Nature. Sci-Fi. 'A Pigeon's Tale' contains all these categories, and to top it off, it's also ENTERTAINING, which is what a story is supposed to be to keep the reader's interest . Two Thumbs up for S.A. Mahan, who wrote about the central character, Walter the Pigeon, from his humble beginnings of survival to being a part of a family involved in saving the future of mankind. This is the 'Charlotte's Web' of Science Fiction, where animals speak to each other and learn ho [...]

    16. As that wise old pigeon sage Old Dude would say, "This story is fantabulous!!" Starting out like so many animal stories, i. e. WATERSHIP DOWN, and other great books, S. A. Mahan rapidly takes this story to new, surprising levels. It is a wonderful, epic mix of science, fantasy, love and kindness, heroism and bravery in the face of impossible odds, and above all, a sweet humor that pervades the entire tale. Best suited for readers ages 8 thru 108! A must read!!!

    17. I read Walter the Pigeon instead but it cannot be found online.It took 15 minutes and was not a super great book

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