Strong Convictions Librarian note alternate cover edition of B TPZMQM Crossing ethnic barriers cost Emmett Strong the life of his young wife Gabriela When she was shoved into the path of his bullet during a dispute o

  • Title: Strong Convictions
  • Author: G.P. Hutchinson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian note alternate cover edition of B00TPZMQM6.Crossing ethnic barriers cost Emmett Strong the life of his young wife, Gabriela When she was shoved into the path of his bullet during a dispute over their love, it was enough to make him think twice before drawing his pistol ever again Now, he must overcome that hesitation when outlaw Charlie Blaylock shoots Strong Librarian note alternate cover edition of B00TPZMQM6.Crossing ethnic barriers cost Emmett Strong the life of his young wife, Gabriela When she was shoved into the path of his bullet during a dispute over their love, it was enough to make him think twice before drawing his pistol ever again Now, he must overcome that hesitation when outlaw Charlie Blaylock shoots Strong s brother dead right in front of him Strong, now a Texas Ranger, joins up with Gabriela s brother, Juanito, and the Englishman Granville Sikes to catch the killer and bring him to justice It s a ride that gives them than they bargained for when they learn that Blaylock is hiding out with wealthy and powerful kin But justice isn t the only thing Strong is after He finds love again with Li Xu, a Chinese immigrant s daughter kidnapped by a band of desperados That s double jeopardy for those who stand in Strong s path, but he must think fast if he plans to both save the girl and avenge his brother Enjoy the action in Strong Convictions, a fun and entertaining Western by author GP Hutchinson It s a wild ride through the West with a multiethnic cast and a surprising twist ending.

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    About “G.P. Hutchinson

    1. G.P. Hutchinson says:

      GP Hutchinson, a member of Western Writers of America, fell in love with the Old West decades ago the gritty reality of the era, the daunting yet breathtaking scope and scale of the land, and the colorful if somewhat fanciful tales of heroes and heroines who overcame the odds Texas was his home for a few years, and subsequent visits to states throughout the West have only served to deepen his enthusiasm for the region and his appreciation of its people.In 2015 he published his first Western novel, Strong Convictions, which won him the Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award for Best First Western of that year, as well as a National Indie Excellence Award Strong Suspicions, the second volume in the Emmett Strong Western series, garnered a Gold Medal in the 2016 Readers Favorite International Book Awards.Regarding Strong Convictions, Classic Western film star Alex Cord wrote, GP Hutchinson has the gift to tell a compelling tale, enlighten you without preaching and keep you on the edge of your seat He takes you on unexpected trails populated by flesh and blood characters of depth and substance A graduate of Louisiana State University and Dallas Theological Seminary, Hutchinson has lived in Costa Rica and Spain He currently resides in upstate South Carolina with his wife, Carolyn Besides writing, he enjoys spending time in the mountains and horseback riding whenever the opportunity arises.

    2 thoughts on “Strong Convictions

    1. WOW! What a book! I haven't read a book this AMAZING in years. G.P. does an OUTSTANDING JOB with plot twists. I was forever going "Wow I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING"! I felt as if I was right there in the saddle with Emmett, Sikes, Juanito, and LiLi with the dirt hitting my face! I can't wait to see what happens in the 2nd book. I for one will track it down. G.P. Thank you for giving me the Amazing opportunity to read this book through first reads. 5 STARS EASY!! I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!

    2. A good old-fashioned western - think Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, etc. - where the good guys are good and the bad guys are bad. Not deep, but a lot of fun. A "first-reads" book, but GR won't let me mark it that way.

    3. Great WesternA well written story without foul language that was very believable. I really enjoyed the characters and was disappointed when some of them died. For the most part I enjoyed it thoroughly, it just left one question unanswered but I won't mention it here. I'll definitely be reading "Strong Suspicion" very soon.

    4. Good readWesterns are hard to come by now and good even harder! Unusual plot but action packed and easy to read !

    5. Fun readBought into the characters from the start and tree aced alongside them every step of the way. Looking forward to reading the next Emmett Strong novel!

    6. When it comes to Westerns, I would say I am an avid fan—rather than an expert or knowledge box. I must have read at least 1,000 Western novels, and name a Western movie, and you may strike lucky to find one I haven’t seen; but when it comes to Mr Murphy, Mr Wayne and Mr Scott, I have to say that I can boast seeing many performances from them worthy of the film history books. And who could possibly forget Ray Milland, Lee Marvin, Water Brennan, James Stewart or that dapper Englishman, Kenneth [...]

    7. I don't read many westerns. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that I find it hard to find my type of western. And if you ask me what that is, I'd struggle to tell you. that's probably why I don't read many westerns.Anyway, after not reading one for a year or so, I was in the mood to read about a good ol' fashioned gunslinger, and after trawling for days looking for the right book, I finally found it - Strong Convictions: An Emmett Strong Western.The book opens up with Emmett Strong los [...]

    8. G.P. Hutchinson did an outstanding job in writing this western tale. This is more than just another Western. The plot deals with inter-rational relationships, corruptness, and human trafficking. It also follows the plot line of Westerns in the good guys versus the bad guys. There are a few surprising twists in the action of the plot line. Set in the old west (Texas, Nevada and California) in 1876. The descriptions of the countryside and small towns are very credible. As you read these scenes, it [...]

    9. I really liked reading GP Hutchinson’s first book Sumotori so I was looking forward to Strong Convictions. I can honestly say I really enjoyed this book even though this is the first western I’ve ever read. The main protagonist Emmett is a charming man with high morals and a lot of integrity. He has the reputation of a “natural pistelero”. At the beginning of the story, Emmett accidentally shoots his beloved Mexican wife and not long after his brother is also killed in front of him. From [...]

    10. I don't normally read many westerns, but I met the author and was curious to read his book (also I remember reading The Virginian years ago and enjoyed that). Strong Convictions grabbed my attention right away and pushed me into the action even though I wanted to linger and know more about the characters. I loved the character Emmett Strong but wondered about Juan Carlos, his faithful side kick. What motivates Juanito? Why doesn't he have a life outside of his brother-in-law? Maybe the sequel wi [...]

    11. I got through to page 99 and could not finish. It was just so dull. To me at least. But, I may be biased. I thought I may enjoy this novel, I am not a fan of Westerns, but I love a good action book. I thought this book would be great, it has shoot-outs, a hint of romance, good ol' fashion chases of cat and mouse and death. But I was literally pulling teeth picking this book up and ripping off finger and toe nails with each turn of the page. I will give the book this, if you are into these type o [...]

    12. Western story recipe:Ingredients-Three cups Louis L'AmourHalf cup Elmore LeonardOne aggrieved cowboy with a just cause and a sad backstoryOne love interest of a different racial or ethnic background Various sidekicks Two to three loathsome villains (black hat optional)A bagful of henchmenDirections:Place cowboy and his sidekicks into a righteous pursuit of villain. Slowly mix in love interest an place her in the clutches of villains. Sprinkle in henchmen and stir. Let ingredients heat at 300 pag [...]

    13. in the beginning there is one tragedy after another in short order, then the story settles down evolving with Emmett and two cohorts finding and “taking care of” the villains; first of a trilogy it appears; I am not a reader of Westerns but if this one is any clue to what I am missing, then I am missing a lot; 2015 paperback via Madison County Public Library, Berea, (“Staff Picks” for Westerns); National Indie Excellence Award (NIEA) Winner; 294 pgs.; 5 out of 5 stars; read 26 Nov 2015/# [...]

    14. A fantastic western !!!!!This is one of the best western books that I have ever read. It is full of believable action and suspense. It also has a great moral theme in which persecuted people came out vindicated from the bad guys. This is a book that is hard to put down. Can't wait to read the next book.

    15. Good friendsI really did enjoy this book. No matter what happened, Juanito and Sikes hung in there with Emmet Those Blaylock boys and the McIntosh's boys got less than what they deserved. I'm so happy Ettie got a little bit of revenge, for all of those years that she was a hostage. The ending was awesomeI can hardly wait for book 2.Loved This book.

    16. Not unsimilar to Zane Grey or Louie L'Amour, this author puts out clean western fiction with a kick.Lots of drama, lots of bad guy hunting, damsels in distress saving, and even some humor thrown in between Emmett Strong and his brother-in-law.Nice change of pace from the historical fiction Romance I've been stuck on.

    17. Good read!Strong Convictions was good from the first word to the last. The plot had twists and turns through out the book that kept your attention. You didn't want to put the book down once you started it. It was a very good good book. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    18. Now That's a Western!Hutchinson knows how to grab the reader's interest at the beginning and hold it as he tells a great story. Real people doing what they feel is right even with odds stacked against them overcome evil but at a cost. A touch of romance adds the right amount of seasoning blended with danger and action. An easy read.

    19. Good readingThe author writes like others western writers I like very much and enjoy. The book has no offensive language or detailed love scenes. When a western can make me feel like I'm right there I love it and this one did! Keep up the good writings and teaching!

    20. A little too long for my taste. Author did a good job weaving the characters into the story. The plot itself was interesting enough. I like Westerns. This one just wasn't special or different enough for a higher rating.

    21. Lone Ranger meets the VirginianI have loved stories that take place in the old west. These characters took me back to the Lone Ranger and the Virginian. I was also reminded of old Gene Autry movies. I now have a new cowboy to loveEmmett Strong.

    22. Great ReviewThis is a great story. Something I've not had the pleasure of doing in many years, I actually became every character and was able to see the landscape, characters and action. Only a great writer can cause that. Thank you.George (Don) Haynes

    23. Excellent!I've been waiting for a Western writer that I would like as well as Louis L'Amour - GP Hutchinson may well be that writer. Great from start to finish. Don't miss this one.

    24. Great bookI loved this book. It had a good plot and well developed characters. There were plenty of twists in the plot line to keep my interest. I recommend this book for western fans.

    25. The writing varied from adolescent to decent. I almost quit after the first chapter, but the author created characters to like and a plot that kept on moving. I may read more in the series down the line.

    26. Great western storyThe title caught my attention and the story bore it out. Emmett's strong convictions are evident throughout. Good, clean read.

    27. A good westernA predictable plot but holds your interest due to the twists and turns. Highlights the lack of esteem the Chinese community was held in the early west.

    28. A surprisingly enjoyable Indie Western. Utah mention "I'd better ride hard for Utah and not look back."

    29. Great readThis is a interesting story. The three from Texas, against overwhelming odds, accomplish their goals. The addition of the love story was nice too.

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