The Soprano State New Jersey s Culture of Corruption The Soprano State New Jersey s Culture of Corruption

  • Title: The Soprano State: New Jersey's Culture of Corruption
  • Author: Bob Ingle Sandy McClure
  • ISBN: 9780312368944
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Soprano State New Jersey s Culture of Corruption

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    1. Bob Ingle Sandy McClure says:

      Join the authors and learn the you couldn t make this up true story of the corruption that has pervaded New Jersey.

    2 thoughts on “The Soprano State: New Jersey's Culture of Corruption

    1. You don't have to live in New Jersey to read this book, I'm sure these shenanigans go on in other states, just not as flagrant or as often. This book should be required reading for any adult - especially in New Jersey - maybe then the average New Jersey voter will stop voting the same crooks into office year after year. Besides listing acts which would make any descent person ashamed to show themselves in public, this book makes a point to mention that the corruption is in the culture. After all [...]

    2. An excellent read - if you're from NJ, you will alternate between rolling around on the floor laughing and wanting to drive down to Trenton with a baseball bat and some ass-kicking boots on!!

    3. What a depressing read.Not the book itself, it's well written and entertaining. It's the subject matter - political corruption in New Jersey.Remember how on The Sopranos there always seemed to be rumors of indictments floating around? Well in New Jersey that shit is real; every couple of years Federal investigators swoop in and bag a bunch of criminals. Except they're not your typical crooks, they're New Jersey politicians or people in positions of authority and public trust. And it happens all [...]

    4. While there is a lot of interesting information in this book, I can't recommend it all that highly. There was far too much focus on the authors and their fellow journalists as opposed to the scandals themselves. There was very little narrative flow, as the authors chose instead to jump from one horrifying anecdote to another. (This was analogous to two guys sitting at a bar reminiscing over some of New Jersey's greatest corruption hits.) At times, it felt more like a memoir of a journalist's car [...]

    5. While this was a nightmare to read, it was a good read. Re-visiting the past 20 years of corruption in New Jersey was not fun, but it is necessary. Ingle and McClure do an admirable job in documenting what is wrong with government here in the Garden State.The only downpoint was re-visiting Jimmy Hoffa. While it served as the introduction to organized crime, Hoffa has little to do with NJ politics directly.Fortunately for the authors (unfortunately for the rest of us), new editions can keep being [...]

    6. Writing about corruption in New Jersey isn't hard, since there is just so much material to work with. This book was too much of a compilation of scandals as told in the newspaper, though, without enough independent reporting or meaty storytelling to make it more than that. The book just felt too slapped together.

    7. The Soprano State does what it sets out to do; provide a comprehensive look at the overwhelming swaths of government corruption plaguing New Jersey's politisphere. Ingle and McClure do an excellent job of conveying and being open about their subjectivity with regards to the topic. The main criticism is that it reads more like an encyclopedia than a book. Having read the book three months ago, all I can truly remember is that New Jersey has a terrible corruption problem. There are just too many n [...]

    8. I haven't "officially" abandoned this book yet (that happens when I return it to the library and it won't be overdue until Thursday) but I don't think I'll continue with it. The authors are investigative journalists for New Jersey newspapers and have documented so much corruption that they followed other people's suggestions and put all the stories into a book. So, it's basically a compilation of anecdotes detailing how corrupt and screwed up New Jersey's government is. I read a couple of chapte [...]

    9. Required reading for anyone who lives and pays taxes in the state of New Jersey. I am anxiously awaiting their second book, and reading the updates to the website. My mind was racing after each chapter -- New Jersey has taken corruption to an art form, and McClure and Ingle have exposed it all in a well-written, concise and entertaining way with this book. **If you enjoyed this review and would like to read more, please visit my book review blog: alisons-bookmarks/

    10. Good book about all the corruption and nonsense in NJ politics. Unfortunately, to anyone who reads the Star-Ledger this is mostly old news and nothing really new. There was some good stuff about Golan Cipel and McGreevey's relationship, and all of McGreevey's "boys". He was a pimp. I knew about this long before the scandal because my mom works for the state and heard lots of rumors. Also of note is the UMDNJ student who stole a corpse hand for his stripper girlfriend, current Governor Corzine's [...]

    11. This is a book that chronicles the corruption in New Jersey over the last 25 plus years. It is an interesting book. The thing is . . . I know that they left a bunch out . . . and I knew too many people that they talked about to really like this book.If you want to know what a day in the life of ThomCarter is . . . pick this one up.

    12. Scary and Funny. You laugh think this is a joke right people just can't get away with this but you know its true because you live in New Jersey and you heard all the stories just not in detail. I love New Jersey for so many thing but I have to leave because it is to expensive to live here and this book tells you why.

    13. Very dry and dull reading being this book is about the corruption in the government of my home state of NJ, by the end of the book I was disgusted and pissed off at the level and history of corruption that has been rampant in my state's government . but when I think about it I am not at all surprised.

    14. I liked this book for the injustice it exposes. I don't like however the way reporters tend to write, which is the style in which this book is written. The style to me is a lot of sometimes disjointed anecdotes about New Jersey politics. Most of the time, I think the writing like this kind of scratches the surface.

    15. This book is very interesting and is full of facts on the political scandals over the last decade in NJ. It truly is a corrupt state. Although interesting, the book is poorly written and sometimes comes across as too conspiracy theory. The satirical comments sometimes are more annoying that witty or insightful. Still, I gave it a high rating just because of how interesting it actually is.

    16. Shocking at first, then repetitive - corruption, deals, shady finances - on and on. NJ seems to be a poster child for this. I thought my brother, who works in NJ government and told me about this book, might be exaggerating when he spoke about this environment - not so, according to this book.

    17. Well documented with multiple examples of political corruption. Upsetting in the sense that "good government" seems such a quixotic goal in the Garden State. A little "heavy" (no pun intended) on the praising of gubernatorial candidate Cris Christie

    18. Really makes me wonder why I still live in NJ. It's very easy to understand why the cost of living here is so outrageous. Maybe if a movie is made from this book, more people will awaken from their apathetic stupor and actually VOTE incumbents from office in an effort to affect some change.

    19. Interesting stuff. Nothing new but having it all in one place puts a different ring to it. Writing was easy but often over done.

    20. Good book - now I know why I don't live in New Jersey or New York or Philly - Funny but sad. Gov. Christie is mentioned several times, I wish him luck, he will need it.

    21. What an eye opener. I have always known about political corruption in New Jersey; but this book details just how widespread it is.

    22. This book is a must read for everyone. It details exactly how our corrupt political system works and will give you a heads up on whats in store for us in the near future.

    23. I didn't finish the book. It was full of draw dropping stories of corruption to be sure, but somehow managed to also be boring.

    24. This book was a great look into how corrupt new jersey actually is. Everyone should check this out if you live in NJ.

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