Windhaven Windhaven

  • Title: Windhaven
  • Author: George R.R. Martin Lisa Tuttle
  • ISBN: 9781473208940
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • Windhaven

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      168 George R.R. Martin Lisa Tuttle
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    1. George R.R. Martin Lisa Tuttle says:

      George R.R Martin was born September 20, 1948, in Bayonne, New Jersey His father was Raymond Collins Martin, a longshoreman, and his mother was Margaret Brady Martin He has two sisters, Darleen Martin Lapinski and Janet Martin Patten Martin attended Mary Jane Donohoe School and Marist High School He began writing very young, selling monster stories to other neighborhood children for pennies, dramatic readings included Later he became a comic book fan and collector in high school, and began to write fiction for comic fanzines amateur fan magazines Martin s first professional sale was made in 1970 at age 21 The Hero, sold to Galaxy, published in February, 1971 issue Other sales followed In 1970 Martin received a B.S in Journalism from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, graduating summa cum laude He went on to complete a M.S in Journalism in 1971, also from Northwestern As a conscientious objector, Martin did alternative service 1972 1974 with VISTA, attached to Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation He also directed chess tournaments for the Continental Chess Association from 1973 1976, and was a Journalism instructor at Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa, from 1976 1978 He wrote part time throughout the 1970s while working as a VISTA Volunteer, chess director, and teacher In 1975 he married Gale Burnick They divorced in 1979, with no children Martin became a full time writer in 1979 He was writer in residence at Clarke College from 1978 79 Moving on to Hollywood, Martin signed on as a story editor for Twilight Zone at CBS Television in 1986 In 1987 Martin became an Executive Story Consultant for Beauty and the Beast at CBS In 1988 he became a Producer for Beauty and the Beast, then in 1989 moved up to Co Supervising Producer He was Executive Producer for Doorways, a pilot which he wrote for Columbia Pictures Television, which was filmed during 1992 93 Martin s present home is Santa Fe, New Mexico He is a member of Science Fiction Fantasy Writers of America he was South Central Regional Director 1977 1979, and Vice President 1996 1998 , and of Writers Guild of America, West uscmillan author george

    2 thoughts on “Windhaven

    1. This was an unexpected yet welcome find at the bookstore, since I had never heard of this book before, and I've wanted to read more George R. R. Martin books that AREN'T from "A Song of Ice and Fire." Not familiar with Lisa Tuttle's writing, so I can't tell who influenced which ideas/events/characters, but Martin's plot-twisting ingenuity definitely shines through. The story is not an ordinary take on flying humans. Usually these stories place people up in the clouds somehow, in floating islands [...]

    2. An early 1980s collaboration between a now-famous author and a less famous one, Windhaven demonstrates that the young George R.R. Martin had talent for world-building and character-driven storytelling. While not as sprawling and a whole lot less violent than A Game of Thrones, it’ll probably appeal to anyone who liked his more family-friendly Hedge Knight novella.The story takes place on a distant, windswept ocean world, where humans lost advanced technology generations ago, but were able to c [...]

    3. Pa kažimo pre 3.5/5Ovde imamo lepo ispričanu priču smeštenu u daleku budućnost na drugaj planeti prikazanu kroz život letača. Sama priča je podeljena u tri lepe celine čisto da se zaobiđe dosadan period kada se ne dešava ništa značajno čemu sam uvek zahvalan. Tempo je dobar, uvek se nešto dešava, imamo par interesantnih likova ali je nažalost većina dosta jednodimenzionalna.Šta drugo reći sem knjiga je zabavna ali samo pisanje nije previše ambiciozno ili epsko. Ali nema ni s [...]

    4. Hacía tiempo que un libro no me gustaba tanto. Qué personajes, qué historia, qué bien llevado todo. No sé si Martin aquí aún estaba joven y optimista, o es cosa de Tuttle, pero no tiene nada que ver con el enfoque de Canción de Hielo y Fuego. Aquí sí, pasan cosas malas, hay gente mala, pero siempre queda una esperanza de que las cosas pueden salir bien. Éste es el tipo de realismo que quiero leer.Probablemente es el libro de Martin que más me ha gustado hasta el momento, y como de Tu [...]

    5. Es un 3.5/5 pero lo dejo en tres estrellas porque cuatro me parece excesivo.Esta novela de ciencia ficción tiene todo para triunfar, una ambientación sobresaliente, una trama que va de menos a más y el estilo narrativo tan adictivo de Martin.¿Entonces por qué 3 estrellas solo? Pues porque es irregular, demasiado, tiene momentos muy buenos y otros mejorables. Además, los personajes no están a la altura de lo que Martin nos tiene acostumbrados en sus otras obras y encima el autor norteameri [...]

    6. Windhaven is a good read but not one that got a lot traction for me. I listened to the audio book and narrator did good job bringing the story to life.The planet Windhaven is place where star travelers crash landed. Salvaged from the ship were the materials to make wings so that some of the population could fly on the planet's strong and almost never ending winds. Eventually, the planet's islands were colonized and vital messages are carried by "flyers" to the people who inhabit the islands. The [...]

    7. This fantasy appears to me to be in the tradition of Ursula Leguin, replete with a coming of age story bound up with social development issues, moral choices, and fable-like messages. The descendents of marooned starfarers inhabit a world of many small islands. Aside from sailing in an ocean with dangerous sea monsters, the only link between islands is via a cadre of flyers who use wings made of metal struts and special indestructible cloth left over from the ancestors. The aristocracy of flyers [...]

    8. This was my first George R.R. Martin book and it definitely won't be the last, I assure you.Windhaven is relatively short for the average fantasy book and yet I was SO connected, so enthralled with the characters, the world, the systemEVERYTHING. This is the type of fantasy novel I yearn for when I think of the genre. What sticks in mind is the way the authors deal with our protaginist: Maris. She's quite immature to begin with which goes hand-in-hand with her age and we watch her grow over the [...]

    9. Maris has got to be one of the most amazing female protagonists in the history of this genre. She is certainly what I think about when I think about a strong female lead. Her personal development during the course of this novel is nothing short of pure perfection. I mean Maris is an awe-inspiring woman and yet she feels very real during every step of the way. She is wonderfully written and totally convincing. She starts off as a young lady that is determined to change the world she lives in (and [...]

    10. It was an interesting book with a unique world, but although original I did find it lacking. It never had a clear direction other than recounting the protagonist's life and no real antagonist other thab tradition and society. Maybe some people would like this but it made me feel detached from the story.

    11. Bem acabeio Mr. Martin costuma deixar-me sem palavras mas pelos motivros contrários. Não foi mau, mas esteve longe de ser fantástico. Não é um enredo empolgante mas tinha bases para isso. São poucas personagens, e com excepção da principal - Maris - não foram muito aprofundadas e a história patinou ao longo de mais de 300 páginas sem sofrer o impulso que a poderia ter tornado extrordinária. E foi pena, porque já se conhece a capacidade do autor. Por vezes, em algumas descrições da [...]

    12. Sin duda ya deberíamos saber que, George R. R. Martin, antes de su famosa saga del hielo y el fuego, ya era un narrador a tener en cuenta. Con Refugio del Viento demuestra una vez su capacidad para atraparte con su historia y no soltarte, a involucrarte como pocos logran, aunque en general, sea una novela irregular.La primera y la tercera parte son las mejor hilvanadas y con mejor ritmo del libro. No así la segunda parte, que aunque añade a uno de los personajes más interesantes (incluso má [...]

    13. Windhaven me ha generado sentimientos encontrados. La trama me ha gustado mucho, sobre todo por el tinte ético y moral que tiñe la novela. No solo te cuenta una historia, sino que te hace posicionarte, te hace ver más allá. Personalmente, me ha conminado a reflexionar, no solo sobre la novela, sino además ha extrapolado ciertas ideas a mi vida y mi día a día. Toda novela que me hace reflexionar y pensar, ya solo por eso, es una novela que merece la pena, desde mi punto de vista. Por otro [...]

    14. Anciennement titré en français “Elle qui chevauche les tempêtes”(1), ce roman est en fait un recueil de trois grosses nouvelles (encadrées par un prologue et un épilogue). Et, histoire de gâcher complètement le suspense, je vous dis tout de suite que c’est un chef d’oeuvre du niveau des meilleures oeuvres de ma bibliothèque. Oui, j’ai adoré. Mais heureusement, je vais vous dire pourquoi.D’abord, le monde décrit m’a parlé à un niveau difficilement imaginable. Forcément, [...]

    15. 1.5Este libro se divide en tres partes, aunque yo lo dividiría en dos: las partes que escribió George R. R. Martin y las que arruinó Lisa Tuttle.Al principio, como de Martin sólo leí Canción de Hielo y Fuego, me preguntaba cuáles serían las partes escritas por él y cuáles las de Tuttle. Como es una obra anterior no estaba segura de si su estilo habría cambiado con el tiempo. Al ir avanzando se volvió muy claro, y cuando finalmente llegó el momento en que George Martin se puso a escr [...]

    16. Everyone knows George R. R. Martin from his A Song of Ice and Fire series, yet a lot of his other books are fun reads as well. I admit that I have only read a handful of his standalone novels, but what I’ve read have been – mostly – good reads. Windhaven is another book to add to the list of non-ASOIAF books people should read if they’re a fan of Martin’s work.Truthfully, this wasn’t a book I was going to go out of my way to purchase. I’d seen it whilst browsing online on more than [...]

    17. Неспирни ветрове разкъсват последното убежище на човечеството. Малките останали острови са много отдалечени, а бушуващия между тях океан не позволява почти никакво предвижване. Единствената надежда са небесатаДжордж Мартин и Лайза Татъл телепортират читателя в бъдещет [...]

    18. If like myself, you have enjoyed Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire Series and been completely blown away by the honesty of his characters, the brilliance of his politics and spent countless hours awake at night, unable to sleep because you just HAVE to know what happens next, please don't read this book. George R. R. Marin may have the utmost respect for the talents of Lisa Tuttle, but after reading this book, I can't say I share his opinion. The concept is good but the characters are flat. Half-w [...]

    19. Awesome YA SF/F with a complex female protagonist.This is set on a planet with a crashed seed ship. It’s resource poor so society has technologically devolved. The solar sail that brought them here has been taken apart and built into one-person wings. The open seas are dangerous (Here There Be Dragons) so flyers using the wings are the best method to keep the scattered islands connected.The story follows Maris, who wants to be able to keep flying and not have to pass the wings to her younger b [...]

    20. The first thing you notice reading this book is that both Martin and Tuttle got better at writing later on. The prose is pretty clunky, the characters aren't the most interesting or relatable, and the plot is mediocre. The setting is the most important part of the premise, and is fairly compelling. Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire might get a kick out of noticing names of people and places that Martin reused later on, as well as a sort-of cameo by the character that would eventually become Tyrion [...]

    21. A quaint tale in a truly unique and magical world, replete with well-defined characters that grow from cradle to grave. My sole complaint is that this novel is divided into three distinct parts with major jumps in the time line. This can be rather jarring as it reads like three distinct novellas, instead of a composite novel.

    22. Rezensio folgt. Allerdings ein sehr gutes Buch über einen Traum und die Verwirklichung von Träumen, allen Widerständen zum Trotz. EIn Buch das sagt "man sollte an sich glauben und niemals seine Träume aufgeben"

    23. A lungo fuori catalogo (la prima edizione italiana risale al 1983 per la Nord), Il pianeta dei venti non è realmente un romanzo, ma una raccolta che contiene tre racconti lunghi di G.R.R. Martin e Lisa Tuttle, scritti tra il 1975 e il 1982: Le tempeste, Un’ala e La caduta, preceduti da un Prologo e seguiti da un Epilogo.La protagonista dei tre racconti, cronologicamente ordinati, è Maris, una Volatrice: in un mondo di isole che si ergono su mari pericolosi per la navigazione, i contatti più [...]

    24. As a fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, I was eager to read something else by the marvelous George R. R. Martin. As captivating as that series is, I was sure that anything else he wrote would be just as amazing.What I Liked:The world that George R. R. Martin created in A Song of Ice and Fire is so phenomenal, complex, and wonderful that you wonder if he could ever have the capacity to do it again. Well, Windhaven proves his skill. The cultural background and history, the geographical desc [...]

    25. For as long as she can remember, fisherman's daughter Maris has wanted to fly. Adopted by on of the fabled flyers, she is given a taste of soaring through the skies using the wings passed down from generation to generation in flyer families. Now that her younger brother, her adoptive father's true son, is coming of age, however, Maris will have to give her wings up - never mind that her brother doesn't even want them and she could not imagine a worse fate than remaining forever grounded. So Mari [...]

    26. Windhaven is an amazing 35yrs old story/adventure waiting to be discovered. Divided in 3 parts plus prologue and epilogue, the story advances at a steady pace. The third part being possibly the slower one and my least favourite.Having to pick one, I would choose the second part as the one I liked most. This section is where all the action occurs and where the most interesting characters are introduced. Where you get the feel of the world and what it means to fly.One possible criticism for this b [...]

    27. Disappointment is not the right word however dispair is. There is not enough melodrama in the world to explain how awful this book is.I am sure that I am not going to be alone in reading the 'Ice and Fire' books in awe at the characters, the comlexity, the story line. Geroge R R Martin's volume after volume of brilliance.I then picked this upI wanted to like it because of who wrote it but I did not believe in the characters, the plot was flimsy, the premise worse and I am not even going to go on [...]

    28. I liked the book because it was very real, in the sense that there weren't cliche elements such as ultimate triumphs of good over evil, and the exploits of the characters weren't entirely smooth-sailing. The book conveyed how there will always be disappointments in life, and things can't always turn out the way you want, no matter how much you want them too. And because it was so real, the story was really moving and several times I stopped reading to jump around with excitement. :)However, the [...]

    29. A very nice read.Although not quite as rich as A Song of Ice and Fire, I still greatly enjoyed visiting another of George R R Martins worlds.

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