Romeo Alpha Book A BBW Paranormal Shifter Story Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive this book is intended for mature readers only Amanda Walker thinks that she has a normal and b

  • Title: Romeo Alpha, Book 1
  • Author: Darla Dunbar
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A BBW Paranormal Shifter Story Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only Amanda Walker thinks that she has a normal and boring life That is until after her 24th birthday Everything changes when she meets the man who says he is supposed to be her husband Denying everything the man say A BBW Paranormal Shifter Story Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only Amanda Walker thinks that she has a normal and boring life That is until after her 24th birthday Everything changes when she meets the man who says he is supposed to be her husband Denying everything the man says, she fights him every step of the way But after he kidnaps her, Amanda discovers that there are some things about her family that her parents kept a secret all these years Among the history of the family she learns secrets she thought only happened in story books Can Amanda tell the difference between truth and lies or is she this mysterious woman that holds the key to a legacy

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    1. Darla Dunbar says:

      Darla has been interested in paranormal romance since she was a teenager in high school It was then that she discovered she could fulfill her fantasies through her writing.Observing people and human behavior in the area of romance has always been one of her favorite pastimes Combining that with an overactive imagination is a sure fire way of coming up with interesting themes.

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    1. DNF at 35% - A very lame shifter readThis book starts with our 24 year old naïve virgin being thrown into a shifter world. The first day there, a man meets her at her cabin informing her that she is from a royal shifter line, and that she will be a breeder. Not just a breeder, but HIS. He's ready to knock her up immediately. Then after just meeting they proceed to kiss, and make out, he makes her cum etc. I mean, come on. She just met this guy. She knows nothing about him, this world, his famil [...]

    2. Sorry, not one of Darla Dunbar's better books. It really needs a good editing and an overhaul on the use of the English language. The story itself isn't bad, Amanda has a past she knows nothing of, Romeoville us a Shifter who knows that Amanda is his fated mate, but instead of treating her well, he's very high handed and brutish, with Amanda being a virgin, that's not the best way to handle introducing her into a life she knew nothing about. I will read book 2 in hopes that the storyline picks u [...]

    3. I thought the book was good, but not interested in reading any additional books to find out the end. The main character Amanda is intriguing, but not enough time spent in building up the character so that you care what happens to her. A lot going on with finding out about her father being a werewolf and her mother a witch and then the author introduces faes, so not sure is her mother a witch or a fae.

    4. Good readInteresting and complicated storyline. Well written and edited. Although I liked it I found it to be less than satisfying as a book but more of a serialized story which is not my favorite read. These always remind me of the years ago magazines that published serialized stories over a period of a couple of months. I prefer a longer read that seems to complete. You may still find it enjoyable, I certainly hope so.

    5. Three stars only because it wasn't well written. But I enjoyed the story and would continue to read it. It was short. Girl finds out she is part werewolf and part witch. Lots of action with kidnapping and many characters to follow. But I haven't found the books at a price I like.

    6. Wow! What an amazing adventureWhat an amazing adventure, I had reading your book. I'm looking forward to read book two and hoping it's as awesome as this one. Off to another awesome adventureThank youCherie A Harlow

    7. I was given a free copy for an honest review and this book delivers, if you enjoy shapeshifters vampire intrigue and romance then this is your book. Darlene leads a quite life after her breakup , she works in a small bookstore that deals in specialist books and spends most evenings in front of the TV with a bowl of ice-cream. Then a rugged good looking guy walks into the book store . Idris is a werewolf looking for his missing alpha. Darlene find him attractive and gets pulled into the mystery o [...]

    8. HmmPretty y cool story. From witch to fae. Kinda weird they would talk about the wolves like that. Seeing as how fae help keep balance in nature.

    9. Imagine you are just told you had a long-lost relative who left you a mansion. Do you:a) ask more questions and go see the houseb) tell yourself it's too much to deal with and wait until tomorrow to find out moreIf you choose B, this book is for you. If you choose A, I have saved you 90 minutes of your life. Put this book down and move on. This heroine is too stupid to live. 1 star.

    10. I was given this book,for my honest review.This is a fantastic book,about the supernatural,wolves,and ballparks.Hence,a young lady named Amanda,who lobster parents,and she finished college,and worked at veterinary hospital.She has two roommates,they always went out partying,Amanda not so much.When Amanda went for her walks,she would hear rustling in the trees,and this one night she saw tail.She told her roommates,but was like one time before.Amanda receives a phone call from a gentleman,saying A [...]

    11. MehOur heroine says she's her own person, independent. But when she's kidnapped, she falls willingly into bed with our hero (her kidnapper) who happily informs her that her purpose in life is to warm his bed and squeeze out babies. Sure. Because every kidnap victim is just giddy about the change in circumstance. And he's the good guy.But wait, it gets better. Our orphaned heroine also discovers that she has family who have watched over her, but never contacted her to keep her safe from the "bad" [...]

    12. Fast and Sex12 chapters long and moving way to fast. First of all this story is a total of 12 chapters, I can't remember if it mentions being a short story or not but when I started reading I was disappointed to see how short it was. Second, this story moves fast. By the end of the third chapter and most definitely in the fourth chapter the two main characters are already having sex. Thirdly, there is no background information, you have new characters introduced at the last few chapters. I had n [...]

    13. This was a pretty good book. This is the first book of the series and it continues to the next book. So for me this was not a standalone book as it left you needing the other book to further the story. So there is a cliffhanger! Still I enjoyed reading it and will move forward with getting the other books. Basically this is about Amanda Walker who is the heroine. She is just now finding out about her parents and there previous lives (they have past away already). She finds that she is in line fo [...]

    14. Romeo & AmandaThis is a good story but be warned it ends in a cliffhanger. Amanda knows nothing of her heritage until one day an attorney calls and says she has inherited her aunt's estate. She drives to a Podunk town and meets Romeo who tells her she is his and they will be mated and married. She of course is outraged at his high handed manner. Then things start going wrong including Amanda being kidnapped by Romeo's twin brother. There's a whole other story to that. This is also fairly sho [...]

    15. Darla Dunbar has outdone herself. Imagine being kidnapped "for your own protection". Then you learn that your parents were supernaturals and never told you. Audri has been through it all plus some. This is an amazing read and if you're like me, you will love it. I read it in one evening. I just couldn't put it down.

    16. Ok but would, like it about more thought outMultiple mistakes and everything moved to fast in the first 10 pages. The storyline needs a little more depth. Maybe that will come in. Book two

    17. Ok readOk so the book took a long time to get going, I almost walked away from it. I had problems with the main two characters are the way they came together but that's me. The plot was good and the characters all right.

    18. This was the most confusing book ever. If I had all the crap that was thrown at Amanda thrown at me I'd be in the corner in the fetal position. There was hardly any time to process what was going on when something else extreme happened. Definitely will not be picking up anymore of this series.

    19. WolfIt was not bad good enough for me to want to read the next to see what happens to the love birds

    20. Great book.I really enjoyed reading this book. It had action and adventure and the characters was good too.!!!! Keep up the good .

    21. A 2.5 rounded to a solid 3 rating. I got this story, Romeo Alpha, as a free read on . It has potential.

    22. The first 3/4 of the book made me want to smack the lead upside the head. The last quarter wasn't too bad, but not quite enough to make me want to read the next part of the story though.

    23. 1.5 ☆Struggled to finish this book. Overall, the plot seems to be all over the place. The characters said and did things that had me asking out loud "huh". Will not continue with the series.

    24. It's okEnds in a cliffhanger! Story line is ok. Characters are ok. Tho some of the character build up could be found in a very popular series.

    25. I didn't particularly like ANY of the characters, and the story was SO choppy it's like no one bothered to read the whole thing start to finish before publishing. Very frustrating read.

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