Best Kept Secrets Between the fall out from his father s latest shady business dealings and his wife Clarisse s alcoholism Evan Murdoch has his hands full But he should be most concerned about the scandalous affair Cl

  • Title: Best Kept Secrets
  • Author: Shelly Ellis
  • ISBN: 9781617733
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Between the fall out from his father s latest shady business dealings and his wife Clarisse s alcoholism, Evan Murdoch has his hands full But he should be most concerned about the scandalous affair Clarisse is having right under his nose with his half brother Evan s being pushed to the edge, and no one knows that better than Leila Hawkins Leila is back in Chesterton,Between the fall out from his father s latest shady business dealings and his wife Clarisse s alcoholism, Evan Murdoch has his hands full But he should be most concerned about the scandalous affair Clarisse is having right under his nose with his half brother Evan s being pushed to the edge, and no one knows that better than Leila Hawkins Leila is back in Chesterton, divorced, penniless, and desperate enough to do anything to save her mother s home from foreclosure including turning to Evan, her former best friend But Evan isn t interested in friendship Instead he makes Leila a shocking indecent proposal Meanwhile, Evan s newlywed sister, Paulette, wants to be the perfect wife But a blackmailing bad boy ex has reappeared in her life and he s threatening to reveal her most painful secret The scandals just won t quit and for everyone involved, desire, betrayal, and lies are all in a day s work

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    1. Shelly Ellis says:

      Shelly Ellis is a NAACP Image Award nominated women s fiction romance author and creator of the Gibbons Gold Digger and Chesterton Scandal series Her fiction writing career began when she became one of four finalists in a First Time Writers Contest when she was 19 years old The prize was a publishing contract and having her first short story romance appear in an anthology She has since published ten novels and was a finalist for 2015 NAACP Image Award in the Literary Fiction Category, a three time finalist for the African American Literary Award in the romance category 2012, 2016, and 2017 , and a finalist for the 2015 RT Reviewers Choice Award in Multicultural Romance category She is married and lives in Prince George s County, Maryland with her husband and their daughter Visit her at her web site shellyellisbooks.

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    1. WOWe little town of Chesterton is certainly full of DRAMA and SCANDALe Marvelous Murdoch family and their circle of friends and enemies will DEFINITELY have you turning the pages. I can hardly wait to read the next book in this series to see if this family will EVER get out from under all the scandalous turmoil surrounding them and to one day ENJOY a happily-ever-after. Well done Shelly Ellis!

    2. So, I started reading this book during a bit of a slump. I'd rolled through several novels, many of them being romances, SWEET ROMANCES and I was frankly just OVER IT. I needed something I could sink my teeth into, something that would make me want to pop some popcorn to eat while reading it. Lemme tell ya'll Best Kept Secrets IS. THE. BUSINESS.Took me a liiiiiiitle bit to get into it, but around chapter 3, Shelly Ellis had a sis by the eyeballs. The story bounces from Paulette to Leila (high sc [...]

    3. Review also found at kristineandterri/22.5 stars**I won a copy of this book as part of a giveaway on ** I tried not to judge this story by it's cover but it was really difficult. Let me tell you that the cover did little to entice me to want to read the story. It's terrible. I however try not to judge a book by its cover and entered with an open mind. This story read to me like a late night soap opera. Think Dallas in the 80's (although I was too young) where the characters have plenty of money [...]

    4. Juicy Page Turner!!!From the first page to the last this book kept me on edge, I had to know what all the secrets were and who were keeping them. As a reader I love books that have me thinking about getting back to them as soon as possible. Shelly Ellis achieved this with Best Kept Secrets, I am glad I read this one right as the next one was about to come out so I won't be on edge to long. Great book!!

    5. Best Kept Secrets by Shelly Ellis is one of the best dramatic romances readers will ever find. Shelly takes her readers deep into the juiciest plots I have ever read. So many secrets and so many what if's, the female characters have to decide what they are going to do and when. Timing is never what we want it to be. Readers will find themes like family, loyalty, and trust broken again and again. Just when things seem to be going for the best, tey turn out for the worst. But are the females ready [...]

    6. CATION: There may be spoilers in this review.This the second book I've read/listened to by Shelly Ellis. Her books always catch my attention. I may check out more of her books.I just wanted to throw my phone across the floor when I was listening to this book. The family in this book irked me so much. Like they rather keep the secrets and or mess up their marriage or stay in a bad marriage. The only people in the book that didn't make me right were Leila, Antonio, and Terrance.But end the end the [...]

    7. I am a fan of author Shelly Ellis and I have read all of her work to date and I have to say that she has gone to another level with this new series. I was not at all disappointed the twist, turns and surprises whew. The Murdoch's have some secrets and when they start to come out who knows who will survive. Leila and her best friend since childhood Evan Murdoch have not spoken in over 10 years, but she's back and needs his help. Paulette Murdoch has just gotten married, but her marriage is threat [...]

    8. I was engaged from beginning to end! Nothing like some rich folk drama and the not so rich or entitled throwing a wrench in the game however they can. This book had good common folk but also it's share of shady ones. Likewise with the rich, so of course it was realistic in that aspect. Having money or not having money doesn't make you a kind or unkind person in this world and you get thrown blows when you're on top and when you're down. That's life but I enjoyed reading the juicy drama that flow [...]

    9. Wow! This is a well-written story demonstrating the consequences of making really stupid decisions. Both Evan and Leila married the wrong people and detest the lives they are forced to live. And there are no words for Paulette. It never fails to astound me how a character will allow themselves to be robbed, enslaved, assaulted, demeaned and disrespected in order to protect "the secret", that the blackmailer is now using for control. Hard to believe that Paulette keeps sinking deeper into that pi [...]

    10. Really enjoyed this one. Very well-written. More of a soap opera (said as a compliment, not an insult) than a straight romance novel. Lots of family drama and scandal and rivalry. Reminded me a bit of Dallas or Falcon Crest in that regard. A real page-turner (except when I lost it behind my bed - I blame the cats). I just wish it had featured more of Evan and Leila as they were my favorites. I would have read an entire book just in their POVs.

    11. WowThis book was a page TURNER for sure. This is my first book by this author. I must say I enjoyed it. I'm on to part 2.

    12. This was the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it I can't wait for the second book.

    13. Great story. I enjoyed reading this story from beginning to end. There were some parts that were predictable however I was still intrigued to read more. The story was well plotted that progress at a steady pace. You are able to follow the characters with ease. This was typeset for the kindle and I did not notice any grammatical errors. I can't wait to read part 2.

    14. Enjoyed the story line, enjoyed the characters. Sometimes Paulette could be very foolish. But for the most part MS Ellis kept me interested and very entertained.

    15. 3 stars. This story was pretty good with the exception of one character. This book tells the story of the Murdoch family and it seems over the course of the series, secrets about this family will be revealed. The family is brothers Evan and Terrance and a younger sister named Paulette. There is also an illegitimate older brother Dante. I like Evan and Leila together but I do feel Evan should have just moved on. Leila was a little to undecided for me. I kinda feel like she only wanted Evan becaus [...]

    16. There are many characters in this book, from best friends from high school to half-brothers, and each of them is keeping some secrets from the others. There are so many and the title really does the book justice.When Leila comes to Paulette’s wedding, there is no one angrier to see her than Evan Murdoch, who has a seemingly perfect life on the outside, with a loving wife and a successful career. Everything is not as it seems. His wife is having an affair with none other than his half-brother a [...]

    17. Simply Scandalicious!Wow. I really enjoyed this first novel in Shelly Ellis' new series featuring the Murdochs. Talk about drama. Evan was a multifaceted character and I think the author did a heck of a job. Evan had always been in love with Leila and was heartbroken when she fell for and married someone else. And when his lady love finally does come back to town seeking his help, boy does he let her have it and I was not mad at him. Leila reminded me of a lot of women who had fallen in love wit [...]

    18. The Rich and MiserableThis novel was really good and I look forward to the sequel in May. The Murdoch's have it all so it appears but trying to keep up the perfect presentation of a prominent family all for names sake becomes too much after awhile. Poor Leila just needs help saving her mom's house and although her and Evan have been friends since the age of 9, but lies and betrayals has kept them apart. Lies, secrets, cover ups and ultimately death occur in this novel. Everyone is affected. Who [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book, can't wait for the second book!!!I was so engaged in this novel, it kept me entertained through out, money can buy a million things, but it can't buy love & happiness. Secrets will be revealed and old Skeletons will surface. Thank you my Anchor Lisa Moulton for recommending a AWESOME Book, waiting for the second book Bed Of Lies.Shelly Ellis done her thang with this story!!!

    20. This was my first time reading a book by this author and it will not be my last. The story was well written. It is so easy to connect with the characters.This book was a story of siblings that are dealing with relationship issues. I believe a lot of their issues could have been avoided if they would have communicated with each other effectively.A great page turner full of drama.

    21. This book was really good. All the drama that takes place in the story kept me captivated. I am definitely interested in reading the next segment to this book. It's my first book I've read by this author. I like her writing style.

    22. Love drama and "ratchetness" in my books but hate cliffhangers but as odd enough I want to know "whodunit"

    23. This book was very entertaining. There were parts that upset me with characters, but it kept my nose in the book. I can't wait to read the next book of this saga.

    24. 3 stars for an enjoyable read, but 4 stars for that last chapter! I love it when authors take risks and do something unexpected in Act 3 rather than just tying loose ends.

    25. A lot of wow moments.This book was well done and my bookclub enjoyed the read. Looking forward to next book and what happens with the family.

    26. I received this book threw First Reads Giveaway. I thought this was a very well written book. I liked it.

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