Kiffe kiffe demain The Paradise projects are only a few metro stops from Paris but here it s a whole different kind of France Doria s father the Beard has headed back to their hometown in Morocco leaving her and her

  • Title: Kiffe kiffe demain
  • Author: Faïza Guène
  • ISBN: 3150197902
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Perfect Paperback
  • The Paradise projects are only a few metro stops from Paris, but here it s a whole different kind of France Doria s father, the Beard, has headed back to their hometown in Morocco, leaving her and her mom to cope with their mektoub their destiny alone They have a little help from a social worker sent by the city, a psychiatrist sent by the school, and a thug frien The Paradise projects are only a few metro stops from Paris, but here it s a whole different kind of France Doria s father, the Beard, has headed back to their hometown in Morocco, leaving her and her mom to cope with their mektoub their destiny alone They have a little help from a social worker sent by the city, a psychiatrist sent by the school, and a thug friend who recites Rimbaud It seems like fate s dealt them an impossible hand, but Doria might still make a new life She ll prove the projects aren t only about rap, soccer, and religious tension She ll take the Arabic word kif kif same old, same old and mix it up with the French verb kiffer to really like something And she ll have a whole new motto Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow.

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    1. Faïza Guène says:

      Fa za Gu ne is a French writer and director Born to parents of Algerian origin, she grew up in Pantin, in the north eastern suburbs of Paris She attended Coll ge Jean Jaur s followed by Lyc e Marcelin Berthelot in Pantin She began studies in sociology at Universit Paris VIII, in St Denis, before abandoning them to pursue writing and directing full time.Her first novel, Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow was published in 2004 when Gu ne was nineteen years old The novel has sold over 200,000 copies and been translated into twenty two different languages, and paved the way for her following work, Some Dream for Fools 2006 and Les gens du Balto 2008.Gu ne has also written for Respect magazine since 2005 and directed several short films, including Rien que des mots 2004.

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    1. Tres magnifique!!I am headoverheels in love with this novel! Unputdownable, it is extremely hard to find fault with this wondrous tale by a 19 year old writer. It will make you laugh like no other book in recent memory. No wonder the French went gaga over this new Sagan, this new Salinger. Her novel is worth finding, reading, and sharing. I wanna thank an old friend whose favorite book was the French version of this exquisite novel. My favorite read of the year thus far!

    2. The title of this book, Kiffe kiffe demain, must give translators nightmares. The problem is that it’s a play on words, and not just on any normal words, but ghetto slang. “Kif kif” is vernacular roughly meaning “same ‘ole, same ‘ole”; “kiffer” is vernacular meaning “to like/love”. The title has a bittersweet tang derived from the opposing feelings of despair (“same ‘ole shit tomorrow”) and hope (“loving tomorrow”). That title must also give those tight-arsed assh [...]

    3. رواية مسلية بشدة تتنهي في خفةدون فلسفة تناقش مشاكل المغتربيناو تظهرها بصورة بسيطة وساخرةتخليك تقول يا سلاميا اخيايه دامفيش الكلام الكبير المجعلصرواية لطيفة بشدة:)

    4. سرد بغاية السلاسة، يحكي بصوت فتاة مغتربة مراهقة، فصول من حياتها مع أمها في الأحياء الفقيرة في فرنسا، بعد أن هجرهم والدها لأنه يريد ولدا ذكرا ولم يبد أن أمها قادرة على أن تمنحه.تستعين الفتاة بلغة ساخرة في الحديث عن نفسها وحياتها، الاشخاص المحيطين بها، الاخصائية الاجتماعية، و [...]

    5. رواية لذيذة. وهل تملك إلا أن تشغف بصوت الفتاة ذات الخمسة عشر ربيعاً والتي تسخر من العالم وتتهكم على غبائه طوال الوقت؟ لذييييذة تذوب في دمك بسهولة :)

    6. I was going to write a review about this book, but then I remembered that I don't remember anything about it. I read it last month and it has already slipped from my mind.I love coming of age novels, but this protagonist is barely memorable.

    7. This coming of age novel was recommended to me by Rida and while I didn’t like it as much as I had hoped to, I did find it very stark and honest in its portrayal of life on the poor side in Paris, France. I don’t know about you guys but I have a very selective way of thinking about Paris. To me, it is the city of lights, romance and fluffy pastries. Before I read this book, I didn’t think about the people who populated the city, who breathe, live and animate this city. There’s this authe [...]

    8. Consiglio vivamente di leggere questo libro anche solo per capire meglio la situazione in cui si trovano molti giovani che vivono nelle banlieue, soprattutto in quelle parigine, che alla fine sono quasi periferie come tante altre.L’autrice scrive in modo realistico e comunque molto dolce la sua storia, la storia di una bambina/ragazza che vive in questa periferia e fa una scuola di cui non le importa nulla, odia il padre per quello che ha fatto e cerca di tirare a fine mese con il misero stipe [...]

    9. “I wonder why they call them wisdom teeth… The more they grow, the more you understand stuff? Personally, I’ve learned that learning hurts.”It’s an understandable sentiment. Fifteen year old Doria’s life is far from perfect. She lives with her mother in a tower block on the outskirts of Paris.Her father has returned to his Moroccan birthplace to find a new wife who will provide him with the son he so badly wants. And so mother and daughter are left to subsist on the meagre wages that [...]

    10. A very accurate representation of the life of Arabic Immigrants in France. Written in the no nonsense a bit rash style of a teenager the book grabs you from beginning to end. Reading about the conditions of life for some of these unfortunate women only makes you want to change things for the unfortunate immigrants. A fresh look on immigration and on surviving even in difficult conditions. The voice of the young girl is sometimes angry but it is an anger that is directed to the injustices that ar [...]

    11. This book is basically perfect. Doria (the teenaged narrator) is witty; sarcastic; cyncical, yet a dreamer; funny, in a primarily ironic way; insightful; tender; irreverent; and swears brilliantly. Like seriously, this book--ugh, I love it so much. Doria has an Eeyore soul but it so terribly endearing Great perspective on class, gender and xenophobia in France, but given in a mostly humorous instead of tragic way. It's an easy read and a fresh voice--I guarantee it'll make you chuckle. RECOMMEND [...]

    12. Another copy I picked up at the officeturned out to be fascinating. This is the story of a young Algerian girl who lives in the slums surrounding Paris. I've never read a story about this group in France--preferring to focus on the artisan and historical stories--and I found the story to be full of rage, Americanisms and sadness. A compelling peek into a world that I knew nothing about. Sad really.

    13. Vinkkauspakkiin sopiva kasvukertomus viisitoistavuotiaasta Doriasta, köyhyydestä, sossuista, Pariisin lähiöistä ja arkisesta erilaisuudesta. Suoraviivainen tyyli, lyhyet luvut, samastuttava ihana kuspääpäähenkilöteinix.

    14. écrit avec du cœur. Je l'ai aimé beaucoup parce que je suis un étudiante et tout l'argot m'a aidé beaucoup à s'améliorer et s'entendre comme une française de souche.

    15. Finished reading this book Friday morning on my metro ride in to work. This was a great book for the metro since you could pick it up and put it down without losing any train of thought or end during a critical piece of analysis. Not a great book at all. It was cool, since the perspective was intriguing: French-born Moroccan adolescent girl growing up in poor suburbs around Paris with her Moroccan mother and absent father.The timing of this book was good, given the riots last year in the suburbs [...]

    16. i wanted to love this bookbut i didn't. it's a novel about a teenage girl living in the projects outside paris with her mom. the cast of surrpunding characters is a motley crew of old people, immigrants, people struggling to get by. i guess maybe this is supposed to be a coming-of-age novel, as the protaganist comesover the course of the book to make some strides in having a better relationship with her mom & doing the work necessary to improve her station in life, which may not have happene [...]

    17. "Last week, Mme DuThingy, the social worker from city hall, came back to the house. This woman, she's really a shit-stirrer. Mom had hardly opened the door when she flashed her perfect white teeth and started up:'Oh dear, you don't look so goodooh la la."If you like the fiery kind of protagonists you see in some YA novels, you will like fifteen-year old Doria. Originally from Morocco, Doria lives with her illiterate mom in the projects of France (in a North African community) a few miles from Pa [...]

    18. I honestly don't know what to think about this book. It's French (thus the title) but I mean I read it and understood it (I'm doing A-Level French and I'm going to be studying French at Cardiff Uni this year) but the main character was so hard to wrap my head around. Her entire perception of the world was full of complaints about everything, it's not until we're over halfway through the book that she begins to show real emotion and it just made me so angry.It was readable but frustrating - in a [...]

    19. A sweet confection of teenage angst by a Algerian descent teenager living in the projects outside of Paris. We all need to read it to understand the massacre at Charlie Hebdo. Amidst racism, poverty, and growing up with a single mom, Doria,, the main character, writes in a smart, snarky, sardonic voice, making fun but in an enjoyable way of teachers, neighbors, will focusing hate at her father who has abandoned her. There is love in her mother and friends, and she ends up with a teenage love.I l [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book a lot. The plot is pretty predictable - it is nothing we haven't read before in other coming-of-age teenage novels - but the voice is so strong (the translating of French backslang into British urban slang was a nice touch, I thought) that it didn't matter. The character of Doria is utterly compelling - belligerant yet vulnerable; cynical yet heart-breakingly naive - I would have happily spent twice the length of the book again inside her head. (I hear there is a sequel & [...]

    21. لحن و زبان این کتاب و سن و سال شخصیت اصلی آن، آدم را یاد «ناتور دشت» می‌اندازد اما فقط در همین حد. دخترک شانزده ساله‌ی این کتاب، با طنز ظریف و موشکافی که دارد، جهان پیرامونش را با فاصله‌ای روشنفکرانه نقد می‌کند اما در دو صفحه‌ی آخر کتاب، به این نتیجه می‌رسد که زندگی چندان بد [...]

    22. Denne boka er utrolig tatt på kornet av tilværelsen til en ung, muslimsk jente som vokser opp i en europeisk by. Doria er en fantastisk smart jente, og alt hun forteller sluker jeg med stor leselyst. Ekstremt troverdig jeg-forteller!

    23. Quick read, and not boring-per-se, but I didn't really think that the book was particularly insightful. The main character was conventionally sassy in a funny way - but, again, nothing particularly worth writing home about… and the ending was a little cheesy for me…

    24. عبقرية البساطة بجدالحدث اليومي المعتاد عندما يتحول لمادة شيقة ساخرة تصلح للكتابة أتمني أن يكون لفايزة جن مؤلَفَات أُخري ندمت اني أنتهيت منه سريعا

    25. Great! Not technically published as YA, apparently, but I will be assigning it to my class for its hella resonance.

    26. Je vous conseille de lire « Kiffe kiffe demain » pour sa valeur socioculturelle parisienne et son style naturel frappant. Mais ne le choisissez pas pour une lecture de classe : trop « rude ». Cela signifie « dur » en verlan.J’ai lu avec plaisir les fiches de travail de Gabriele Rüger-Groth dans l’article « les jeunes débutants à la découverte de la littérature » ainsi que celles d’Andreas Nieweler « C’est en lisant qu’on devient un bon scripteur ». J’y ai pris plaisir [...]

    27. This book is written in such an authentic voice that I can hear the narrator speaking to me, as if she were a friend sitting next to me or on the phone. She is an imaginative friend at that, spinning off relatable tangents that invite me into her world, the world of a fifteen year-old girl with a single mom who rages half-heartedly against her father, her schooling, the world. It is a clever story, a vignette of the difficulties of the real world, told with a hint of naïveté - not in the narra [...]

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