The Secret of the Dark Forest The Way of the Shaman Book Volume None

  • Title: The Secret of the Dark Forest (The Way of the Shaman Book #3) (Volume 3)
  • Author: Vasily Mahanenko
  • ISBN: 9781536844047
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
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    • ↠ The Secret of the Dark Forest (The Way of the Shaman Book #3) (Volume 3) || ☆ PDF Read by è Vasily Mahanenko
      457 Vasily Mahanenko
    • thumbnail Title: ↠ The Secret of the Dark Forest (The Way of the Shaman Book #3) (Volume 3) || ☆ PDF Read by è Vasily Mahanenko
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    About “Vasily Mahanenko

    1. Vasily Mahanenko says:

      Vasily Mahanenko is a fantasy author working in the new genre of LitRPG the MMO based fantasy and sci fi His Way of the Shaman series took Russian literature by storm in 2012.Vasily dipped into his college days insider knowledge as a hardcore gamer in order to create a believable world of the virtual reality MMO game His bestselling series combines fiction and video games, telling the story of Shaman and his friends stuck in the ruthless reality of Barliona He used his than ten years experience as an ERP implementation project manager to approach his writing in a well organized manner, working to a strict schedule, a set of deadlines and even a budget At the moment, the series boasts six novels with the seventh one in the works this time the author expands on stories of Shaman s companions and those who helped and supported him in his trials and tribulations.The first book of the series has already been translated into English, with translations to follow, aiming to make the Way of the Shaman series available to the English language reader in its entirety.Vasily s other passion is space exploration which is why he now works on a follow up series entitled Galaktiona Set in a space simulator based world, the first book of the series in already finished while Vasily works on its sequel.

    2 thoughts on “The Secret of the Dark Forest (The Way of the Shaman Book #3) (Volume 3)

    1. The author tells a complete story in this book, for which I'm thankful since he completely failed that simple test in book 1 of this series. He actually is a pretty good and intelligent writer in many ways but his management of the "big picture" leaves a lot to be desired. Here the author tells the story in a somewhat convoluted way and is constantly adding characters. Plus he does things like tell the story of how the main character keeps missing connections with a girl he knows from the real w [...]

    2. Another fun read. A good story with some nice elements but maybe rushed and not up to the quality of the first two books.There is a good bit of complexity.It nicely suggests how tricksy raid planning and coordination can be without getting too bogged down.The story is satisfying in the motivations of the major backstory characters as well as how it all plays out.This book didn't quite (or at all really) convey the feeling of a character whose entire world, for at least another 8 years, will be 2 [...]

    3. This is the book where events and characters stop showing signs of having any semblance of a soul in them. The ending tricked me into checking out book 4, but now I'm done. The series has reared its head as a generic fanfic level of depth. Fun ride while it lasted but after this its just more listing of events that dont really matter, the MC getting lucky all the damn time, and any general suspense being sucked out of the story.

    4. Once again very good continuity with the other 2 books. Enjoyable listen, but it is interesting to hear how certain phrases get translated from Russian to English, does not make the story less enjoyable, but adds a little difference that makes it unique. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending of this one. Did not think that Mr. Shaman would get out of this one as good as he did. I am looking forward to the next in the series, but want to catch up on some others that I have been putting off.

    5. Still pretty enjoyable. While taking certain liberties, it is clear that the author really knows his mmo raiding.Minor nitpick is the fact that the MC either is a complete moron or genius depending on what the plot demands.

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