The City of Towers The City of Towers launches a brand new novel line set in the world of Eberron Wizards of the Coast s newest DD R campaign setting Author Keith Baker s proposal for the exciting world of Eberron was

  • Title: The City of Towers
  • Author: Keith Baker
  • ISBN: 9780786935840
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • The City of Towers launches a brand new novel line set in the world of Eberron, Wizards of the Coast s newest DD R campaign setting Author Keith Baker s proposal for the exciting world of Eberron was chosen from 11,000 submissions, and he is the co author of the Eberron Campaign Setting, the RPG product that launched the setting The Eberron world will continue toThe City of Towers launches a brand new novel line set in the world of Eberron, Wizards of the Coast s newest DD R campaign setting Author Keith Baker s proposal for the exciting world of Eberron was chosen from 11,000 submissions, and he is the co author of the Eberron Campaign Setting, the RPG product that launched the setting The Eberron world will continue to grow through new roleplaying game products, novels, miniatures, and electronic games AUTHOR BIO Keith Baker is a freelance writer and game designer In 2003 his proposal for the world of Eberron was selected as the winner in the Wizards of the Coast fantasy setting search.

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    1. Keith Baker says:

      I ve been interested in games since I first fell under the sinister influence of the Dungeons Dragons boxed set, back in sixth grade Over the last few decades I have managed to turn gaming from a hobby into a career Here is a list of the highlights of my life as a game designer If you have any questions, let me know From 1994 2002, I fell into the computer games industry My first job was with Magnet Interactive Studios, in Washington DC Sadly, Magnet never managed to hit the big time as a game developer I worked on a number of projects during my stay at Magnet for a time I was lead designer on a game called BLUESTAR, a position that was held at other times by such roleplaying luminaries as Ken Rolston and Zeb Cook However, the only work that ever saw the light of day was some level design on the abstract arcade game Icebreaker.Magnet began a slow implosion in 1996, and along with a number of other people I went to work for a Colorado company called VR1 I started as lead designer on VR 1 Crossroads, a text based MUD centered on warring conspiracies The X Files meets Illuminati, with a world of dreams thrown in for good measure When VR1 decided to move away from text games, I started work on a graphical MMORPG based on the pulp serials After a few twists and turns, the project ended up being known as Lost Continents But early in 2002 I decided that I d had enough of the computer games industry and left VR1 to focus on writing Then in June of 2002, Wizards of the Coast announced their Fantasy Setting Search, and I thought What about pulp fantasy And the rest is history Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

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    1. Keith Baker is really amazing at building worlds - the Eberron cosmology has rare depth and complexity. I greatly enjoyed the exposition - clunky or not - and the glimpses of a wide and living world behind the story.Sadly, these shine through like a diamond in the rough. The actual story is a mess of wandering sub-plots, afflicted by the the telltale maladies of a "D&D campaign as book."Each of the four protagonists (which I found myself referring to as the "player characters") is saddled wi [...]

    2. De volta para a literatura de fantasia, começo a leitura da trilogia Eberron: The Dreaming Dark, de Keith Baker, que já estava fazendo poeira na minha pilha de "para ler algum dia!"The City of Towers (Eberron: The Dreaming Dark #01) - Keith Baker | NITROLEITURAS #fantasia #dungeonsanddragons #eberron | 390 pgs, Wizards 2005 | Lido de 28.06.17 a 01.07.17SINOPSEEndurecidos pela última guerra, quatro soldados chegam a Sharn, lendária cidade das torres, capital da aventura, que abriga o melhor e [...]

    3. This book definitely came as a pleasant surprise. Being new to the world of Eberron, I was delighted to discover a world setting for which I had been searching for a long time, one that combines fantasy and sci fi in such a way that opens up huge possibilities for storytelling and worldbuilding. And the setting for this particular tale is even more enthralling - a massive vertical city built upon impossibly tall towers, each housing its own kind of culture from the tops to the depths. But all th [...]

    4. Ebberon is a new world to me, and I bought this book just to test the waters (I'll be buying more in the future). I was surprised at how quickly and completely I became absorbed in this book. The world of Ebberon is a masterfull blend of pure fantasy (with gnomes, goblins, elves, and ogres) and science fiction (from flying ships and buildings to teleportation and sentient robots). As Daine, Jode, Lei, and Pierce explore the great city of Sharn, the wolrd of Ebberon is introduced in a manner whic [...]

    5. Keith Baker's new world Eberron is introduced to me in this book. I found the world very closely matches Forgotten Realms series which is under the same publisher. The book which is the first in a trilogy is very action packed, full of mystery and flows very well. In a land of lost a group of four tries to find a new meaning in which they feel a part of the world of Eberron. 5 out of 5 stars.

    6. archiveulderweekly/0310This review originally appeared in the BOULDER WEEKLYMr. Baker's neighborhoodHe is the mastermind behind the new world of Dungeons and Dragons and author of a new fantasy novel. Keith Baker gives the B-dub's resident geeks an insider's tour of Eberron Vince Darcangelo- - - - - - - - - - - -It is said that anything is possible in post-war Sharn, the City of Towers. The survivors of both the Mourning and the fall of the Cyran army are a weary lot—desperate, on edge—so th [...]

    7. I recently began playing in an Eberron role-playing game campaign, so I picked up this book as a way to learn more about the world. The book served its purpose fairly well. My only real complaint is that the editing is terrible. It seemed like I was jarred out of the story every few pages by one error or another. If you are a role-playing gamer, you'll probably enjoy this. If not, I wouldn't place any bets.

    8. Let me start by saying that while I did not think this novel was anything special, I did enjoy the book and thought it was very good. "The City of Towers" was the first book in the Eberron novel line and served as an introduction to the setting for many readers. As such the author provides the reader with a great deal of information on the world of Eberron, it's inhabitants, and it's history. While this information was interesting and highlights the difference between Eberron and other fantasy s [...]

    9. The City of Towers takes place in a land that has just concluded a devastating hundred years war. The main characters are all refugees of a country that was swallowed up in an as-yet-unknown dark magic fallout. Sharn, the titular city, is the metropolis of the only kingdom among the combatants to offer sanctuary to the few survivors. Captain Daine, his friend Jode the halfling healer, the warforged (think sentient robot) Pierce are escorting their comrade Lei back to the city to reunite with her [...]

    10. For the first book of a whole new D&D campaign setting, I'd say this book is pretty good. It's not spectacular just nice. Obviously, being the first book of a new setting, the book attempts to introduce the readers to the world of Eberron. For readers familiar with D&D, certain sections of the book felt like a campaign setting sourcebook. For readers unfamiliar with D&D, it may probably be too much irrelevant details. There's a nice glossary at the end containing history and setting [...]

    11. Surprisingly not bad. Sometimes works a little too hard--and bluntly--at introducing the (new [at the time] D&D) world of Eberron, but it's a cool enough setting. The characters are a bit flat, but they have potential. That's perhaps the upside and downside to the entire book: potential. Baker delivers a good enough story, but he could have delivered a great one. It feels a draft short.The mystery/investigation at the heart of the story is intriguing, but the characters don't feel entirely a [...]

    12. Since this is the first Eberron book ever published, I found myself a little lost at times trying to understand this new world. I had trouble bonding with any of the main characters until about halfway through the book. In my opinion, the second half of the book is much better than the first half. I actually put the book down for about a month after the first 70 pages or so. When I gave it a second chance, I found myself more immersed in the story then during the previous read. Eberron is not yo [...]

    13. While not great by any stretch of the imagination, I liked this book enough to order the second book in the series. The problem with this first book is that Baker feels the need to explain the WHOLE world of Eberron. The book ends up being a long series of conversations, with a fairly low dose of action.The mysteries that are set up in this first book are what really made me decide to push forward. I want to read further to see how certain elements play out. I thought the way he treated the char [...]

    14. My first book in the Eberron setting. I read the appendix, very well done. Just enough data to covered the basic.I really like the way the author introduce the world and all the new things. He didn't make the mistake to put too much information wich I appreciate a lot. The background on each characters flow really well in the story.You have enough action and intrigue during all not book, not just in the last chapters. Another thing I liked is you have an end to the story, don't have to wait for [...]

    15. A spellbinding adventure, filled with plenty of lore from "Dungeons and Dragons" and their Eberron campaigns. The book about mid-way through picks up steam, filling the reader with intrigue and wanting to know what will happen next. The climax is bittersweet and its Epilogue leaving the reader wondering why they never suspected anything. Wonderful read!

    16. A great beginning to an even greater trilogy. This book is the best of the lot. Real elements of fantasy are woven into the story to give you a sense of just how expansive Eberron really is. The story moves very fast and it's hard to stop turning the pages. The character's backstories are not fully explained in this book but, they are in the latter parts of the series. Great read.

    17. I wish I would have read these books earlier. Eberron is a great world to read about. It is another fantasy, but with its own twist. Love the Warforged. Thought that the idea of these works a lot better in this setting than any others. The dragonmarks are awesome. Be interresting what else I find out while I read this trilogy.

    18. This is a good read and a good beginning to the world of Eberron - I agree with most others that this seems to have a tinge of the Players Guide sprinkled throughout, but, considering that this was written by one of the major sources for Eberron, I would expect no less - moving on to tale #2 and hoping for more story and more character development

    19. Awesome book, great series. I fond this book really gave me a new and more broader/in-depth view of Eberron. The story itself was very engaging and I really liked the writing style/pace. Can't wait to see more from Keith Baker.

    20. all sarcastic characters all the time. typical fantasy gender roles (read: what even is female person?), but not actually awful. great introduction to Eberron. fun, even! (view spoiler)[except: illithid. (hide spoiler)]

    21. It was an enjoyable read. It gives you a good look at some of the Underside of Sharn. The main characters aren't as developed as I would hope, but there is enough to leave me interested in the other books in the series. The monster mystery in the book was fun to read.

    22. Every once in a while I pick it up and try to read a little more, but it just isn't hooking me. I like what I have seen of the setting but the story and characters lack. May give if the next time I pick it up, it doesn't get me.

    23. Pretty good. I read it to get some insight into Eberron as a campaign setting. it focused on one city in Eberron, Sharn. I liked that it was clearly a Dungeons and Dragons book.

    24. This is a well done world which retains a traditional sword and sorcery adventure while delving into areas of mystery and magical technology. A great addition to the field.

    25. Trying to capture the magic of Lord of the Rings and Baldur's Gate in one volume, I make my first (and last) foray into Dungeon's & Dragons-inspired fantasy fiction. What was I thinking?

    26. A good book finally for the Eberron series and yes the print is easy to read too. Good fantasy in a city that floats in the sky. I would keep this one but sadly it belongs to the library. =)

    27. A good introduction to Eberron. It really put you in the D&D campaign setting and was a good book to read. I'm looking forward to further books by Keith Baker.

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